Summer is almost here and every woman wants to look perfectly for this season. Hence, the main topic these days is related to diets and fast solutions for fast weight loss. Needless to say that there is no perfect diet, but essential key foods to associate them in the right combination. Some of us can lose weight faster, while other can have a slower rhyme.

Recent studies have shown that using the right foods in your daily diet can bring unexpected results, helping each person to get rid off extra kilos. If you are curious to know which are these foods, here is a list below with these 5 specific foods for fast weight loss.

#1. Pistachios nuts are the perfect snack for every person when he or she gets hungry. Aside from being a rich source of energy, these nuts contain many health-benefiting proteins, fiber and healthy fats, which are also required in any diet. Moreover, the “fat” found on pistachios nuts is an unsaturated fat and is good for both health and brain.

Researches from the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition have done a study analyzing two groups of people for two weeks on eating identical low-calorie diets for about 12 weeks: one group ate 240 calories of pistachios as a snack for the breakfast, while other group had 220 calories of pretzels. The results indicated that the first group has seen a better improvement with a lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

#2. Mushrooms is another great food rich and tasteful that can substitute perfectly a meal, helping persons to lose weight faster. They can actually be a great ingredient to use in your daily and powerful weight loss strategy. A group of research team from Weight Management Center have shown in a study this effect of substituting mushrooms for a meal. Researchers discovered that the mushroom group has managed to consume fewer calories and less fats a day.

#3. Yogurt  comes as no news, because it is usually recommended in many diets, especially that one with less fats. Even so, research about this great food continues to appear. An interesting study on nutrition and weight loss published in New England Journal of Medicine found that yogurt is a really important factor for persons who succeeded to maintain their weight as they grow old, in comparison with those who gain more kilos. Of all foods, yogurt was considered to be an important food in losing weight. Apparently, researchers couldn’t figure out yet why yogurt is connected with thinnest, but the explanation can be related with the healthy gut flora may play an important role.

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