No matter the subject, opinions are always different, because each person share its personal experience. You have probably heard lots of myths, rumors or conceptions about the importance of bread in your daily diet. If you have  followed a strict diet at least once, you know most nutritionists’ recommendation: “No white bread”!

Some of them exclude white bread completely from our menu, while others allow patients to eat it in the morning. Eating bread is good occasionally, while the whole grain bread is rich in fiber, vitamins or minerals. Eating too much bread is unhealthy, just like eating too much chocolate will have negative effects for your health. If you like bread so much, at leas replace it with rye bread or brown bread.

If you can’t give up white bread, maybe you should read these five good reasons why you should stop eating brown bread.

  1. it’s not so tasty, as you believe, although you rarely say no to bread fresh from the oven. There’s no flavor in it and that’s a main cause why lots of people prefer it. They usually combine it with other meals, but, overall, the white bread isn’t really tasty.
  2. too many chemicals contained, excepting, the white bread prepared by your mum or grandmother in special conditions, which is probably very good. But buying white bread from supermarkets or other shops isn’t the smartest idea. If you knew how it is was made, you would give up eating the second day. Try to substitute it with brown bread or exclude it totally from your diet.
  3. it lacks a real nutritional value, because it doesn’t have the essential and most nutrients with a total of 30 percent of the bread. In return, the bread industry only add a small part of nutrients. If we consider these tough times and the fact that people are trying to eat more with less, the white bread is surely less expensive than the rye or brown bread, but it’s all about our health.
  4. it isn’t vegan friendly, because it can contain eggs or emulsifiers and other animal by products that aren’t indicated for your health. If your budget allows it, you can choose for bio or vegan friendly grain bread options in supermarkets to replace this classic white bread.
  5. no healthy benefits by eating white bread that you can say it will be good for your heart health. Instead of consuming it every day, why not let it go? Needless to say, eating white bread every day, it will have an impact over your weight. With so many good reasons to say no to white bread, maybe it is useful to consider replace it with wheat bread, which is definitely a lot more healthier.
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