According to a new report from the Medical Journal of Australia, new babies are born with mothers that are facing various mental illness. This recent study set a wake-up call and highlights the need for offering support and intervention to this serious problem. A specialist doctor from the team, who studied the appearance of this illness at parents before the birth of a child, concluded that the main causes or issues for these mental illnesses are alcohol, drugs or stress problems.

Moreover, it has been shown that these mental illnesses can have a big impact and negative implications for new babies, affecting their normal growth. They can also develop different problems in the future, so it is better to handle this issue with maximum seriousness. What’s important to emphasize is that parents need to acknowledge this situation and ask for help to obtain a proper treatment. Thus, their kids will not be exposed to negative effects and will reduce the impact on both their families and children.

Fortunately, as Doctor O’Donnell said, these mental illnesses are treatable, so it’s recommended to prevent them at the right time. In terms of numbers, researchers have found that a significant increase from 76 per 1000 births in 1996 to 131 per 1000 births in 2005 has been seen in the prevalence of prior mental health illnesses at many mothers.

The study from the Medical Journal of Australia has also shown that the number is lower among fathers, where it has increased from 56 per 1000 births to 88. Although this report was made in Western Australia, but the specialist doctor said the results will be similar throughout the entire country. Chances are that these new babies to develop also their own mental health illnesses with others related to behavior, language development or physical problems.

Aside from these mental health diseases manifested at new mummies, the risk for post-natal depression is also high and can affect these mothers. so a great awareness of these illnesses is highly important. As long as more and more parents are aware of this disease and its direct effects, they seek for help with different specialists.

Maybe the most important thing related with this problem that affects the Australian mothers is to be aware of it, admit it and find a quick solution. Evaluating their current situation and taking small yet important steps to resolve this unpleasant problem, they will avoid other issues that can happen after a long term. For instance, the National Perinatal Depression Initiative is a very good idea and a great program to help women handling better these undesired mental illnesses.

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