Citrus season is an excellent opportunity to include these fruits in abundance in your diet, due to the numerous benefits that they bring health. Oranges, tangerins, grapefruit or pomelo fruits are delicious, refreshing and rich in compounds called flavonoids with anticancer properties. These important substances have proven effective in inhibiting the increase of cancer cells and preventing tumor growth in the body. Studies also show that citrus flavonoids protect against heart disease, such as atherosclerosis or peripheral artery disease. Not only that, citrus fruit also prove efficient in the battle against extra pounds. So, here are some awesome benefits of citrus fruits.

Benefits of oranges

Probably the world’s most popular citrus fruits, oranges, besides being so popular, are also very healthy. After various studies dedicated to the positive effects of these fruits, a range of benefits were revealed, enjoyed by those who consume them frequently.

Prevent cancer. Oranges are rich in limonoids, substances which fight many types of cancer, such as melanoma, lung, breast, stomach and colon cancer.

Prevent kidney disease. Orange juice reduces the risk of forming kidney stones and kidney diseases installation.

Reducing the risk of liver cancer. Studies show that people who regularly drink moderate amounts of orange juice substantially reduce the risk of liver cancer due to high intake of carotenoids.

Decrease cholesterol levels. Since they are rich in soluble fiber, oranges help reduce total cholesterol levels.

Improve heart health. Potassium, a mineral found in oranges, helps maintain optimal heart function.

Strengthening the immune system. Vitamin C is essential for the immune system, fortifying it and reducing the inflammation in the body. In addition, studies show that polyphenols in oranges protect against viral infections.

Improve eyesight. Carotenoids in oranges, vitamin A compounds, are allies of your vision and prevent macular degeneration.

All oranges regulate blood pressure (using flavonoid called hesperidin and magnesium) and maintain skin health and beauty through generous intake of antioxidants.

Here are some great orange recipes.

Benefits of tangerines

We cannot talk about benefits of citrus fruits without mentioning tangerines. Sweet and juicy, they contain an impressive list of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed for your health. The main benefits of tangerines are:

Maintaining body weight. With only 53 calories per 100 g, tangerines are an excellent food in weight loss.

Protection against illness. Tangerines are precious sources of flavonoids, such as naringenin, naringin, hesperetin, vitamin A, carotenes, lutein and xanthine, antioxidants effective in preventing illnesses. Their amount exceeds that found in oranges.

Strengthening the immune system. Like any fruit of the citrus family, tangerines contain plenty of vitamin C, having antiviral and anticancer action. This nutrient also helps wounds heal faster, prevents the installation neurovegetative diseases and participates in the absorption of iron in the body.

Maintain healthy the digestive tract. The soluble and insoluble fibers in tangerines prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in the intestines and help remove food residues from the body completely.

Here are some great tangerine recipes.


Benefits of grapefruit

Grapefruits, especially those with red pulp, provide a significant amount of vitamin C. But it is not the only benefit of these sour – bitter, but very healthy fruits.

Reduction of body weight. Grapefruits contains a type of enzymes that burn fat, providing the body fluid and very little sodium. These three features combine to make the grapefruit an excellent food to boost metabolism, a prerequisite for weight loss.

Prevention of arthritis. Salicylic acid in grapefruits helps break down inorganic calcium in the body, which accumulates in the joints cartilage, transforming into joint diseases. Arthritis symptoms can be relieved with grapefruit juice, mixed with small amounts of cider vinegar.

Antiseptic. Salicylic acid in grapefruit has a good antiseptic effect, treating bacterial and fungal infections.

Here are some great grapefruit recipes.

Benefits of pomelo fruit

Prevention of urinary tract infections. Vitamin C in pomelo increases the level of acidity in the urinary tract, preventing bacteria to grow and speeding the healing process when infection appear at this level.

Accelerate wound healing. The active enzymes and antioxidants in pomelo are involved in wound healing process, increasing the levels of collagen in the skin, or skin tissue flexibility.

Maintaining dental health. Pomelo completes the body’s reserves of vitamin C needed for collagen production, but also for healthy teeth and preventing gum disease.

Prevention of anemia. Vitamin C in pomelo assists the proper absorption of iron in the body, an essential mineral for red blood cell production.

Decreased risk of osteoporosis. Studies show that pomelo pulp can improve bone density and decrease the risk of bone fragility.

Here are some great pomelo recipes.

As it is plain to see there are many awesome benefits of citrus fruits, so you should not think twice about including them in your diet.

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