Everybody knows losing weight can be hard, but the best weight loss shakes can improve the results of your weight loss efforts and provide a convenient way to meet your body's nutritional needs without consuming a bunch of calories. If you've been on the hunt for the perfect shake to bolster your weight loss endeavors, you're in the right place. We've compiled a list of the ten best weight loss shakes available.

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Weight Loss Shake FAQs

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​Before we move on to our list of the best weight loss shakes, we'll take a moment to answer some frequently asked questions.

​1. How Do These Shakes Help with Weight Loss?

​2. What Do I Look for in a Weight Loss Shake?

​3. Where Can I Buy the Best Weight Loss Shakes?

How We Reviewed

To compile our list of the best weight loss shakes we considered factors including taste, texture, quality of ingredients, nutritional value, customer satisfaction, performance, and price. We believe we achieved our goal of providing a diverse list of quality weight loss shakes.

Overall Price Range

​​Weight loss shakes range in price from 16 cents an ounce up to $2.50 per ounce. Factors affecting the price include the quality of ingredients and the protein source.

What We Reviewed

  • 1
    ​RSP TrueFit - Grass Fed Lean Meal Replacement Protein Shake
  • 2
    ​Orgain Organic Nutritional Shake, Iced Cafe Mocha - Meal Replacement
  • 3
    ​BioTrust Low Carb Natural and Delicious Protein Powder
  • 4
    EAS Myoplex Original Ready-To-Drink Protein Shake
  • 5
    SlimFast Original Rich Chocolate Royale Meal Replacement Shake Mix
  • 6
    Vega Protein Nutrition Shake
  • 7
    ​Click All-In-One Protein & Coffee Meal Replacement Drink Mix
  • 8
    Premier Protein 30g Protein Shake
  • 9
    Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder
  • 10
    LABRADA - Lean Body Ready To Drink Whey Protein Shake

best weight loss shakes

RSP TrueFit - Protein Powder Meal Replacement Shake, Premium Grass Fed Whey + Organic Fruits & Veggies, Fiber & Probiotics, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Keto
  • Premium Grass Fed Whey Protein – 25g of ultra premium, grass fed whey protein that is sourced from farms in the USA, never treated with added antibiotics or hormones and naturally contains a complete amino acids profile.
  • Lean Meal Replacement Shake - Use TrueFit as a lean meal replacement shake for weight loss, protein powder for muscle gain, or post workout protein shake. Whole food ingredients make it truly multifunctional as each serving fulfills your complete nutritional needs and keeps you full for longer with under 170 calories.
  • All-in-One Performance Nutrition – So much more than just a protein powder. Each serving also contains 12 organic fruits & vegetables, probiotics, prebiotic fiber & MCT oil for additional immunity support & gut health. Complete, performance nutrition in every scoop.
  • Recovery & Muscle Support – Each TrueFit serving contains 25g of grass-fed whey protein, over 5g BCAAs and 4g glutamine & glutamic acid so you can maximize your training, support lean muscle growth and promote faster recovery.
  • Better for You Clean Label – TrueFit is Non-GMO, Gluten Free and contains zero artificial ingredients so you can enjoy the delicious flavors completely guilt free. And with only 5-6g net carbs per serving, you can use it as a healthy keto shake!


​First on our list of the best weight loss shakes comes from RSP. TrueFit contains 25g of grass-fed whey protein, 5g of natural branched-chain amino acids, and 4g of glutamine, making it a suitable meal replacement option, and also an option for a post-workout shake. Using whole food ingredients, this blend contains 12 non-GMO fruits and vegetables, 8g of prebiotic fiber, and probiotics for digestive health. Choose from chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, or unflavored varieties.

Orgain Organic Nutritional Shake, Iced Cafe Mocha - 16g Protein, 20 Vitamins & Minerals, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Kosher, Non-GMO, 11 Ounce, 12 Count (Packaging May Vary)
  • New look and label, same great product! Includes 12 (11 Ounce) ready to drink Orgain Organic Nutrition Iced Cafe Mocha All In One Nutritional Shakes
  • 16 grams of organic protein (from organic whey protein concentrate and organic grass fed milk protein concentrate), 2 grams of dietary fiber, 20 vitamins and minerals, 10 fruits and vegetables (including acai, spinach, kale), 250 calories per serving
  • USDA organic, gluten free, vegetarian, kosher, non GMO, soy free, carrageenan free, free of antibiotics and hormones. No artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives
  • Good source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin B12, calcium, phosphorus, riboflavin, niacin, folate, iodine, pantothenic acid, magnesium, zinc, and copper
  • Ideal for healthy, on the go nourishment for men and women. These are great as a supplement to your diet and nutrition needs and perfect for busy lifestyles, meal replacement, a quick breakfast or snack, on the go meals, and pre or post workouts


Orgain offers its all-in-one nutritional shakes in 11-ounce servings with flavor choices including Bananas & Cream, Iced Café Mocha, and Strawberries & Cream. Each serving gives you 16g of organic protein, 2g of dietary fiber, 21 vitamins and minerals, and 10 fruits and vegetables at only 250 calories, making this one of the best weight loss shakes.

The pre-packaged servings make this shake ideal when you're on the go, and you can count on it to provide you with vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin B12, calcium, phosphorus, riboflavin, niacin, folate, iodine, pantothenic acid, magnesium, zinc, and copper.


BioTrust's low-carb protein powder is a great option for dieters with its time-released, four-protein powder including whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate, and micellar casein—a combination that will keep you satiated and help you avoid cravings for unhealthy snacks. Made of all-natural ingredients, there are no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or dyes in this protein powder. The formula is also free of soy and gluten and is non-GMO.

Perhaps most impressive is BioTrust's use of a new breakthrough enzyme blend, ProHydrolase, that will double your protein absorption when compared to similar powders and eliminate gas and bloating that typically come with whey protein powders. This powder is available in Café Mocha, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Vanilla Cream. BioTrust's low-carb powder lacks the unpleasant aftertaste that can come with many protein powders and has a nice, creamy texture, but it is also pricey.

EAS Myoplex Original Ready-To-Drink Protein Shake, Rich Dark Chocolate, 17 oz, 4 count (Pack of 3)
  • BUILD MUSCLE: One EAS Myoplex Original Shake provides 42g of high-quality protein to help you build muscle and recover quickly
  • RECOVER: Each serving delivers 8.5g of BCAAs to stimulate protein synthesis and help repair muscle damage
  • NSF CERTIFIED: Our product is NSF tested and certified
  • HOW TO USE: Drink within 30 minutes of strenuous exercise to help repair and rebuild muscles. Also available in protein powder packets
  • Available in Chocolate Ice Cream, Vanilla Cake, and Rich Dark Chocolate


​EAS Myloplex brings us another one of the best weight loss shakes for people on the go with their ready-to-drink shakes. Each shake has 42g of high-quality protein along with 8.5g of BCAAs, helpful in repairing muscle damage. This shake can help with weight loss if used as a meal replacement. While the company offers delicious-sounding flavors, including Chocolate Ice Cream, Vanilla Cake, and Rich Dark Chocolate, the shakes taste more like basic chocolate or vanilla typical of any chocolate or vanilla protein shake.

SlimFast Original Rich Chocolate Royale Meal Replacement Shake Mix – Weight Loss Powder – 31.18 Oz Canister – 34 Servings
  • Allergen Information: Soy
  • Directions: Pour 1 Level Scoop (Inside Can) Of Slim-Fast Shake Mix Into A Large Glass. Add 8 Fl.Oz Of Very Cold Vitamin A&D Fortified Fat Free Milk. Stir Well And Enjoy. If You Enjoy A Thicker Shake, Mix Milk With 1/2 Cup Of Ice In A Blender Until Smooth…Then Add A Scoop Of Slim-Fast Shake Mix. Blend For 10 Seconds More.


​Slim Fast is well known as one of the best weight loss shakes. Slim Fast Original offers a meal replacement that will provide all of your protein, vitamins, and minerals in the form of a delicious chocolate shake. In each serving, you get 10g of protein and 4g of fiber for digestive health. Slim Fast has been proven to promote weight loss for years and has won many awards from Men's Health and OK! Magazine for being the best meal plan for weight loss.

Vega Protein Shakes Ready to Drink, Chocolate - Plant Based Vegan Nutrition Shake with Veggies, Greens, Vitamins & Minerals, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Vegetarian, Non GMO, 11 Fl Oz (12 Count)
  • Allergen info Ready to drink vegan protein shake is perfect when you're on-the-go for a delicious breakfast drink, post workout, or as a snack Enjoy chilled for the best tastermation: milk soy
  • 20 Grams of vegan protein from organic pea protein, organic sunflower seed protein, and organic pumpkin seed protein provides a complete amino acid profile containing all 9 essential amino acids
  • More than just protein 25% DV of 11 vitamins and minerals per serving, 3 grams of fiber and 1 gram of Omega-3 ALA
  • Provides green vegetables and superfoods like spinach, kale, organic spirulina, green algae and broccoli for a healthy plant-based protein shake for women and men
  • Real food ingredients that are good for the body, feed the mind, and respect the planet - Vegan certified, Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, vegetarian, low glycemic, with no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors


Vega offers one of the best weight loss shakes for vegans, and especially vegans on the go with their pre-packaged, plant-based protein shake. Each serving gives you 20g of plant protein from pea protein, hemp protein, and pumpkin seed protein. Beyond the plant protein, these shakes contain 25% of your recommended daily intake of 11 vitamins and minerals. Ingredients come from leafy greens, green algae, and veggies.

These shakes are certified non-GMO and vegan, and they are also free from gluten and soy. The texture can be a bit on the gritty side, but consumers are often willing to overlook this because of the high-quality ingredient list. Choose from chocolate or vanilla flavors.

CLICK All-in-One Protein & Coffee Meal Replacement Drink Mix, Mocha, 15.8 Ounce
  • MEAL REPLACEMENT: CLICK Coffee Protein is an all-in-one, low calorie, coffee protein powder drink mix to curb appetite, keep energized and promote fat burning. Perfect as breakfast meal replacement, mid-day pick-me-up, snack or pre- or post-workout drink.
  • BOOST ENERGY, CURB APPETITE: CLICK is a low calorie coffee protein meal replacement drink designed to boost energy, curb appetite & promote fat burning. With coffee-house drink flavors like vanilla latte, mocha, & caramel, enjoy CLICK hot, iced or blended.
  • REAL COFFEE: CLICK has 150 mg of caffeine from double-shot of espresso coffee, not coffee flavor or synthetic stimulants, along with CLICK’s slow-releasing proteins to help suppress appetite while giving you the energy you need to get through your day.
  • ORIGINAL BEST-SELLER: CLICK and CLICK Active are the original, best-selling, all-in-one coffee protein drink mix! Boost your energy, metabolism & protein intake to help achieve your weight loss or workout goals by drinking what you already love - coffee!


Click makes one of the best weight loss shakes for coffee lovers with their coffee and protein mix in flavors including Caramel, Mocha, and Vanilla Latte. This mix is an all-in-one, low-calorie, coffee protein powder mix effective at satiating hunger, encouraging the body to burn fat, and providing energy. This mix has 150mg of caffeine from using a double-shot of espresso coffee—no synthetic stimulants or artificial coffee flavoring here!

Slow-releasing proteins help suppress the appetite while the energy keeps you moving. Prepare the mix hot, iced, or blended for a delicious meal replacement that tastes better than you would believe for only 120 calories.

Premier Protein Shake 30g 1g Sugar 24 Vitamins Minerals Nutrients to Support Immune Health 11.5 Pack, Chocolate, 138 Fl Oz, (Pack of 12)
  • Chocolately goodness: Smooth and creamy, rich chocolate flavored shake; Winner of American Masters of Taste Gold Medal for SUPERIOR TASTING ready-to-drink protein beverages
  • 30g of protein to help curb your hunger, as a mid-day snack or for post workout recovery; includes all essential amino acids
  • 24 Vitamins and Minerals: Support a healthy immune system as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle (Antioxidants Vitamins C and E plus Zinc), 50 percent daily value of calcium and 30 percent daily value of Vitamin D to help maintain healthy bones
  • Guilt free indulgence: 1g Sugar, 5g Carbs, 160 Calories and Low Fat; Gluten Free, No Soy Ingredients; Keto and Bariatric Friendly, Kosher
  • Try all eleven (11) delicious smooth and creamy flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, Cookies & Cream, Café Latte, Strawberries & Cream, Peaches & Cream, Bananas & Cream, Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Cake Batter


Premier Protein also offers convenient on-the-go packaging for their shakes which come in 11.5-ounce bottles. Each bottle contains an impressive 30g of protein and 24 vitamins and minerals and only 160 calories, 1g of sugar, and 5g of carbs. Use this shake as a meal replacement, a snack, or before a workout. This is one of the best weight loss shakes in terms of taste, winning a national taste test by Chefs In America for the last five consecutive years. Choose from Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, or Cookies & Cream.

Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder, Creamy Chocolate Fudge - Vegan, Low Net Carbs, Non Dairy, Gluten Free, No Sugar Added, Soy Free, Kosher, Non-GMO, 2.03 Lb (Packaging May Vary)
  • New look and label, same great product! Includes 1 (2.03 Lb) Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder, Creamy Chocolate Fudge
  • 21 grams of organic plant based protein (pea, brown rice, chia seeds), 2 grams of organic dietary fiber, low net carbs, 0 grams of added sugar, 150 calories per serving.Please store the protein powder in a dry, cool place, such as a closet or pantry
  • Mix with water, milk, or your favorite protein shake recipe for a quick breakfast or snack drink. Use when bakin grams to give your cakes, muffins, brownies, or cookies a protein and energy boost
  • Ideal for healthy, on the go nutrition for men, women, and kids. These are great for meal replacement, smoothie boosters, buildin grams lean muscle, muscle recovery, and pre or post workouts
  • We simply advise against using a microwave as it may negatively impact the nutritional value of the product.


Orgain also offers protein powders, and its plant-based protein powder is the second Orgain entry on our list of the best weight loss shakes. Choose from Peanut Butter, Vanilla Bean, or Creamy Chocolate Fudge. Each serving packs 21g of organic plant-based protein from peas, brown rice and chia seeds. It will also give you 7g of organic dietary fiber with no sugar only 3g of carbs and a mere 150 calories.

This protein powder promotes weight loss when used as a meal replacement. One thing important to note is that you need to pay attention to weight when purchasing this protein powder. The powder containers are only half-full, and if you are buying on sight, you'll be disappointed when you open the container. Beyond that, it just seems wasteful.

Lean Body Ready-to-Drink Chocolate Protein Shake, 40g Protein, Whey Blend, 0 Sugar, Gluten Free, 22 Vitamins & Minerals, (Recyclable Carton & Lid - Pack of 12) LABRADA
  • GET 40G OF PROTEIN ON-THE-GO: Forget time-consuming meal prep and counting food protein content. With Labrada’s Lean Body Ready-to-Drink Protein Shake you get a whopping 40g of protein in one tasty drink! Just enjoy your shake and imagine how each creamy, delicious sip will bring you closer to achieving your fitness goals and attaining the lean body of your dreams. Choose between our 8 available flavors – or try them all to find your new, lifelong favorite RTD protein shake!
  • CURB CRAVINGS: Lean Body Protein Shakes makes you feel fuller for a longer , allowing you to better manage your weight. Packed with protein and fiber, they curb pesky sugar and junk food cravings and keep you on track with maintaining a healthy diet
  • WELL-ROUNDED MEAL REPLACEMENT WITH 22 VITAMINS & MINERALS: Perfect as a pre- or post-workout snack, our Lean Body Ready-to-Drink Protein Shake is also a wholesome meal in and of itself! It contains 22 vitamins and minerals, including, but not limited to, Vitamin A; Vitamin E; Biotin; Riboflavin; Potassium; Magnesium and Zinc! Our drink is a nutritional powerhouse that helps your body recover from exercise, all while aiding in fighting any deficiencies that might be bringing your energy levels down!
  • GLUTEN AND SUGAR-FREE PROTEIN DRINK: Our protein shake is formulated without gluten and sugar, making it ideal for those with allergies and food sensitivities. What’s more, contrary to other protein shakes on the market, our drink is also free of soy protein, which studies have shown to be a very controversial food source. So chug away knowing you’ve made the best meal replacement choice with Labrada’s Lean Body Ready-to-Drink Protein Shake!
  • LABRADA’S SCIENCE-BACKED SEAL OF QUALITY: With over 20 years of experience in developing advanced sports supplements, we have created an elite product range that is trusted by professional athletes, nutrition specialists and people like you who wish to improve their fitness and dietary regimens. Our strict third-party testing, potent ingredients and exclusive formulas are the reasons for our success, and we are happy to share it with you! Click Add To Cart NOW And Feel The Difference Yourself!


​Last on our list of the best weight loss shakes is Labrada's ready-to-go, pre-made shakes. Each 17-ounce serving packs a whopping 40g of protein and makes a good meal replacement with 22 vitamins and minerals. These shakes are gluten, sugar, and lactose-free, making them ideal for people with food allergies or sensitivities. These shakes do a good job of keeping you full, preventing unhealthy snacking and sugar cravings. Choose from eight flavors including Banana, Caffe Mocca, Chocolate, Cinnamon Bun, Cookies and Cream, Salted Caramel, Strawberry, and Vanilla.

​​​The Verdict

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All the shakes featured on our list are great options for weight loss, but there was one we favored over the rest: Premier Protein Shakes. The individual servings make them great on-the-go, which is important to dieters who are often tempted by convenience to cave on their healthy habits.

Beyond the packaging, these shakes are delicious! Usually, you have to sacrifice in the nutrition department for a taste like this, but not with Premier. Each shake has 30g of protein, 24 vitamins and minerals, and all nine essential amino acids while keeping the calorie count at a mere 160. Premier also keeps the carb count at bay with 5g of carbs and only 1g of sugar. The cherry on top is the fact that Premier's shakes are extremely affordable.

The only downfall of the Premier shakes is that they are not suitable for vegans due to the use of milk protein. For vegans, the best weight loss shake on our list is the Vega Protein Nutrition Shake. Also reasonably priced, Vega shakes provide 20g of plant-based protein and 11 vitamins and minerals.

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