Native Hawaiians adore coconut water so much, they say that it is heavenly dew. Coconut water is the liquid found in immature coconuts. Only recently have scientists began to study this natural liquid to find out coconut water benefits. It offers a balanced combination of electrolytes and essential vitamins and minerals. Since it is virtually fat-free, coconut water can be a delicious part of a healthy lifestyle. No wonder so many health-conscience people choose coconut water over sugary sports drinks.

Coconut Water Health Benefits

Complete Hydration
Grocery and health food stores have shelves that are loaded with sports drinks. They are heavily marketed toward athletes and people who exercise regularly. An online article from Harvard Medical School notes that although these drinks have beneficial electrolytes, they also pack about 15 teaspoons of sugar per serving.

Drinking coconut water is a delicious way to quench your thirst. It has a natural bounty of these electrolytes and other beneficial nutrients.

• Potassium
• Sodium
• Calcium
• Magnesium
• Phosphorous

Helps Digestion

Fiber provides healthy gut bacteria for better digestion. It also keeps bowel health regular. Since coconut water is an excellent source of fiber, it is good to drink daily for better digestion.

Regulates Blood Pressure

There is a definite link between unbalanced electrolytes and high blood pressure. Having high blood pressure can cause kidney dysfunction and other ailments. Since coconut water has optimal levels of electrolytes, it can help keep them balanced in the body and regulate blood pressure.

Aids Weight Loss

Drinking fluids provide a satiated feeling, so people may not eat as much. Coconut water has a rich, sweet taste without a lot of sugar and fat. Thus, you can consume it regularly even while on a diet.

Plasma Replacement

Coconut water is sterile out of the shell, as well as isotopic. In emergency cases, this amazing ingredient can be used for intravenous rehydration. In developing countries, or under very harsh conditions, when there is a shortage of medical suppies, coconut water can replace saline. However, most medical professionals would advise against it, even if there are no real harmful effects.

Excellent Skin Toner

There is a good reason that coconut extracts are common ingredients in shampoo and skin products. Coconut water has several benefits for the skin. Used topically, it can instantly hydrate and nourish the skin. It can also minimize acne and other blemishes. When used as a beverage, it keeps the skin hydrated and reduces oily skin that is responsible for blemishes.

Nutritional Value of Coconut Water

Besides the numerous coconut water  health benefits enumerated above, there are also numerous essential nutrients:

• Coconut water is a rich source of cytokinins. This plant hormone can fight the effects of aging and certain cancer cells. It can also reduce the chances of blood clots.

• The water of young coconuts has enzymes, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. It is an ideal drink for children and adults who have lost fluids due to vomiting and diarrhea.

• The bioactive enzymes in coconut water include RNA-polymerases, peroxidase, dehydrogenase, acid phosphatase, and catalase. These are all beneficial to the GI tract.

• Coconut water has a generous supply of zinc, manganese, iron, magnesium, and calcium. It also has necessary ingredients such as Vitamin C, and B-complex vitamins. Your body needs these vitamins and can obtain them only from food or beverages.

• Potassium and sodium are essential minerals that contribute to the body’s well-being. An imbalance in these essential electrolytes can actually be dangerous. Consuming coconut water on a regular basis may help you balance your sodium and potassium levels.

Coconut Water Uses

Natives of South Asia and the Pacific Islands have used coconut water for thousands of years. They used it for hydration during long hunts and as health tonics for the sick. Below are a couple of things you could do to try out coconut water health benefits for yourself.coconut water

• Fresh coconut water: It is so popular in tropical lands that vendors sell it on the streets. The vendors often cut the coconut right in front of the customer for the freshest experience. Some juice bars specialize in glasses of fresh coconut water. People can also buy young coconuts to juice in many supermarkets.

• Bottled coconut water: There are a plethora of brands that sell bottled coconut water. The nutrient level may be a little lower than fresh water due to processing and any added preservatives.

• Beauty products: discusses the popularity of coconut water as an ingredient in beauty products. Shoppers can find shampoos, skin creams, and even makeup that is infused with the electrolyte-rich ingredient.

Coconut Water Recipes

This refreshing water can be used to infuse popular drinks and other dishes:

Coconut Water Vinaigrette

• ¼ cup fresh or bottled coconut water
• 2 TB olive oil
• 2 TB freshly-squeezed lemon juice
• Salt and pepper to taste
Blend ingredients completely and enjoy on a favorite fruit or green salad.

Fruity Coconut Water Smoothie

In a blender or food processor, add:
• 1 cup fresh or bottled coconut water
• 1 cup fresh berries
• ½ cup fresh pineapple-diced
• 1 peeled orange
• 1 ½ cup ice
Blend and serve in chilled glasses. Serves 2

Coconut Water Skin Toner

In a small bowl, mix:
• ¼ cup fresh or bottled coconut water
• Juice from half a lemon
Gently splash toner on the face in the mornings or evenings for radiant skin.The benefits of coconut water are still being studied by medical scientists. Current studies already confirm what native cultures have known for centuries about this fascinating drink. It has more vitamins and minerals than sports drinks and a whole lot less sugar. Not only does it efficiently quench thirst, but it may prevent certain diseases.

How do you take advantage of coconut water health benefits? Do you have any recipes you would like to share? If you have any experiences, questions, or thoughts about using coconut water, we would love to read your comments.

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