Up until the 1980’s stress wasn’t something doctors and patients would take seriously. So, you’re stressed, just have a nap and you’ll be just fine! These days we know how serious stress is and much it can affect our bodies and minds. We know that if you want to stay in good health and maintain your emotional health intact you have to avoid being stressed, because the  effects of stress on your body are devastating. Stress can lead to a number of illnesses, from the benign to the malign. Read on if you want to learn about how dangerous stress can really be.

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Stress is real and it leaves real marks or our bodies and brains. Here are some common effects stress has on our bodies:

  • Headaches – this is the most common effect of stress on your body. It’s your head telling you that it’s not OK and that you should do something about it.
  • Muscle pain – Being stressed will cause your muscles to tense up, especially those in your neck and back. That is why so many of us have experience back pains (that and poor posture).
  • Fatigue – It’s one thing to feel tired at the end of the day and another to feel tired a few hours after waking up and most of us know what that’s like.
  • Change in libido – Who cares about having sex or being attracted to your partner when you’re so stressed by your work, right?! Sex is the last thing on your mind when you are stressed. Our advice? Choose pleasure over pain!
  • Sleep problems – When you are stressed you have trouble sleeping. When you have trouble sleeping you become stressed. See what I did there?
  • Chest pain – Sometimes when you are stressed you feel as if the whole weight of the world sits on your chest.
  • Anger and irritability – What you must understand is that feeling angry and irritated won’t help your problems at all and won’t help improve your relation with your peers and life partner.
  • Depression – Long exposure to stress can lead to depression and once you’re down that road, you’ll have a really hard time coming back.
  • Food issues – Overeating or undereating due to stress is very common.
  • Alcohol and drug abuse – Most people believe that alcohol will help you relax when you are stressed, but in reality it does the complete opposite.
  • Social withdrawal – In some cases stressed people won’t desire to be around other people and this will in time affect their social lives.

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Some more serious conditions that are thought to have stress as one of their causes are:

  • Psoriasis – stress is one of the main causes of triggering psoriasis, an incurable skin condition.
  • Diabetes – stress affects your blood sugar levels and this will, in turn, lead to diabetes.
  • Cancer – we still don’t know the exact cause of most cancers. A multitude of factors are said to be responsible for developing cancer and stress is one them. If you hold that pressure, that tension inside it is bound to materialize itself, at least that’s what we think.

In these cases, we’re not saying that stress is the main reason behind them, we’re just saying that it has been proven that stress will contribute to developing these conditions.

Facts about Stress

  • Fifty percent of adults will have suffered stress related adverse health effects.
  • Around eighty percent of all doctor’s visits are for stress-related issues.
  • Stress costs the American industry around $320 billion annually!
  • If you have an emotional disorder there are 50% chances you will live with it because of stress.

If you don’t want something to happen to you because of stress, then start doing something about it. It is in your power to change your lifestyle and the way you perceive life and what happens around you. You should always keep things in perspective as this helps relieve stress and help you relax. Take up a hobby, make some rules such as no working at home after the office, start meditating, start jogging – anything that you enjoy and that will help you reduce your stress levels.

Now that you’ve read about some common effects of stress on your body we hope you begin to take better care of your body and mind. Remember that nothing in this world is more important than your mental and physical health. How do you manage to get distressed? Share with us your tips and trick on getting rid of stress, we’d love to hear from you!

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