Spring is the ideal season for a fresh beginning that can include new goals or plans, healthier ways to be in a good shape and others. Everyone has started spring with a new mind set to include more exercises in their routine to help each person reach its goals of losing a few extra kilos from the winter.

Whether you choose to go to a gym class or do exercises in your own home, you have probably heard or read lots of commentaries, suggestions and a lot of advice about exercise. You should keep in mind that not all of them are true and there are a lot of misconceptions about losing weight or which exercises are more adequate.

Here is a list with the most common truths and myths about fitness which may or may not be true.

  • Exercise can erase my daily bad eating habits – This is unfortunately a false myth. Just because you decide starting a new series of exercises done on a regular basis, it doesn’t precisely mean you’ll have to exclude completely eating a cake or drinking a juice. Indeed, it’s a calorie game, but with a carefully supervision, doing the math and figuring out how much you want to lose weight, you can also have a “bad” habit from time to time.
  • Men and women need different types of exercises – Despite what it is said about relationships, when it comes to fitness, men and women do have the same exercises with a different focus on several groups of muscles. Both women and men have a similar structure, but with a main difference in muscle strength. While men can focus more on chests, abs or arms, women tend to opt for more exercises for legs and buts, but there aren’t different in each case.
  • Without a constant exercise, you can’t really succeed – It is more than true, because it takes time, perseverance and daily routine exercises to lose weight and feel better. With a moderate activity, you can also reduce the risk for heart disease and other unwanted diseases. If you are opting for at least 10 minutes, instead of 30 minutes for body work, it still can change your daily mood and improve your physical condition, without going to the gym. Take the stairs instead of using the elevator or take a short walk after lunch, only do exercises every day.
  • No pain, no gain or game! – While exercises should be very painful, it is recommended to take the trouble to sweat and breath hard. As long as you are not in a comfortable position while you are exercising, it means you are working at a good level. If you feel pain, it’s your body’s way to respond or say something is done incorrectly or you haven’t practice sport for a very long time.
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