How worse can it be to try edible insects, right? If the idea of eating these little creatures seems uncomfortable for you, think twice, because a new report from United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) talks about its advantages and healthy benefits.

Although it is a high level of distaste for their consumption, it is said that they may combat global hunger and increase our health conditions by reducing the malnutrition problem, as well as the air pollution. According to the organization, the practice of consuming insects should be natural, as they are an excellent food for people with a good impact for our lives.

  • The report was called Edible insects: Future prospects for food and feed security, presented during a conference in Rome and highlighted the main reasons why we should consider various insects for eating, since 2 billion people in from the entire world have already included them in the diet. According to the report, insects are rich in protein and minerals, having also  lots of benefits for the environment. The habit of eating these insects is also known as entomophagy.

The most frequent groups of insects consumed by many people are bees, caterpillars, ants, locusts, scale insects, true bugs, flies and other termites. As horrible as it sounds and look, there is a significant part of global population that consumes them. Excepting US, Europe or Canada, many cultures eat insects, because they are affordable, low in fats and high in nutritional value.

According to the organization’s report, insects contain iron, magnesium, calcium, copper, selenium or zinc and they are an important source of fiber. If you are brave enough and decide trying these insects, you may even discover their good taste. Moreover, the report suggests that insects can be a healthy alternative to other foods such as chicken, pork, beef and even fish.

Food and Agriculture Organization also said that insects can produce less harm to the environment such as greenhouse gases and be also future prospects for food and feed for humans, with the specification that products can be utilized for agricultural feed. Despite their repulsion generated for many persons, edible insects have always been a significant part of human diets – ignored by lots or persons – a healthy one with positive effects for us, knowing they are cold-blooded.

The report also mentioned about the fact that insects can be found everywhere and they reproduce quickly with a low environment impact. It is recommended to be used as a food supplement for underfed children, because they can be highly important in their daily diet. If you have ignored these insects before, keep in mind that some caterpillars from Southern Africa and other insects in Asia are often considered delicacies and found at high prices.

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