When done correctly, weight lifts exercises help you to eliminate some extra pounds, increase muscle resistance, improve bone density and generally help you to build a firm, proportioned, beautiful body. You don’t have to be a professional in order to enjoy this type of exercise or to compete in the Olympics. You just need to know a few basic rules and be consistent in your training program.

First, check the weight-lifting training technique

Even if you are a regular client to the gym and fitness doesn’t have many secrets left for you to discover, you should still take a time to follow the others doing these exercises and pay attention to what the trainer has to say, because as much as healthy this fitness program is, it is also dangerous if done wrong. Some techniques are not safe and an incorrect lifting can lead to sprains, fractures or painful accidents which can endanger your well being. Also, it’s better to follow your trainer’s advice at least during the first sessions.

During the exercise

Lift the right weights. Begin your training with weight-lifts you can easily handle, in series of 12 – 15 lifts. The best way of beginning the training is the 1kg lift and progressively increase the weight as your muscles become more resistant and firm.

Use the right shape of lifters. Learn how to start and finish correctly each exercise and use the best lifts in order to do so. The lifts come in various shapes and this is not just a marketing or decorative strategy. The shape influences your exercise, so find out from your trainer what is best for you.

Breathe. Even if you’re tempted at the beginning to hold your breath while exercising with your weight-lifts, as you already know from the other types of physical training you practice, breathing is an important part of the whole process. Use everything you know about breath techniques and apply them while exercising. Weight-lifting will become easier in time if you coordinate your breathing with your training.

Work all your muscles. During training, it is best to work all your muscle categories, so that your entire organism can benefit from this type of training. Avoid practicing weight – lifting for the same muscle group more days in a row, in order to prevent accidents.

What you should not forget before practicing weight-lifting

Don’t skip the warm-up session. There is no point in reminding you that skipping warm-ups your muscles are more prone to accidents and your breathing will work against you. So before weight-lifting, take 10 minutes of your time and do your regular warming program.

Don’t rush. Lift the weights without making sudden or rough moves. This way you will protect the muscles and really work them in your benefit.

Don’t cross the line. As in any other type of fitness training, focus on series of constant exercises and take a short break between them. If you feel pain, stop, it’s no glory in hurting yourself.

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