You’ve heard yoga is definitely the type of exercise that will help you lose weight. Pilates, swimming, weight lifting, gym, running, aerobics, all have their benefits on your weight loss goal and your general health improvement. But somehow, some women just don’t lose a drop even if they exhaust themselves with complex gym training or any other sports for that matter. Why is this happening to you? Well, let’s see some reasons…

1. As yoga is concerned, you may burn around 150 calories in an hour, which may equal a relaxed walk in the park. Even if you’re a pro in this type of exercise, an intense effort won’t help you burn more than 250 calories so it’s best to mix yoga with another type of exercise that will solicit your body a little bit longer and harder.

2. You exercise alone. Did you ever felt not in the mood to go to the gym all by yourself? Women are more prone to give up a regular sport program if they are due to go alone, so it’s better to co-opt a friend to practice with and even compete. If going to the gym is not your favorite option, the take your friend and exercise at home. Just don’t cheat the program.

3. Your weight lifting program is too heavy. If you think heavy lifting means heavy weight loss, you are wrong. It will just exhaust you and the results won’t rise to the expectations. Try series of lighter weights because they truly help you lose fats, while heavy lifting may actually increase your body mass.

4. You practice in the same rhythm again and again. At some point, if the exercises repeat in the same manner, they end to become useless. A highly intense program should be combined with an easier, relaxing one. After one minute of speed running, for instance, have five minutes of walking casually. Practice this mix of rhythms a few times, 4 or 6 in a row and see the results for yourself.

5. You succumb the crave for food after you’re done. If a compelling state of hunger hits you after you left the gym and you fall into its temptation, your efforts are for naught. Just take a quick snack, healthy one and part of your diet and drink a lot of water. You will see you can cheat hunger and feel a lot much better.

6. You only exercise in closed spaces. Gym is good but try to alternate the fitness club or your own home with a park or a running alley. Fresh air sports have better results and release anxiety and stress, thus helping you to lose weight and improve your general quality of life and health.

7. You only engage in aerobics or weight lifting. In order to get the best results, you must mix the two types of exercises. Run and take a nice ride on your bike and take a short stop to the gym and lift some light weights in short series.

8. You practice without music. Music is maybe the best way of increasing motivation and lift up the spirits as you may already know or found out from other specialists. Music distracts you from pain and discomfort and sets your rhythm if the songs are chosen right. Music may actually increase physical endurance by 15%.

So all in all, remember to eat right, exercise right and keep your optimism and good health! Weight loss is just another good outcome of the “feeling good, staying healthy” process.

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