You don’t need a medical diploma to know that our heart is a muscle that pumps blood in the bod and, like any muscle, it needs activity or constant exercise. You don’t have to be an athlete to do exercises for your heart, all you need is to be active in a moderate way. An inactive lifestyle increases the risks for heart diseases and others as well, risks that can be easily avoided.

Whether you decide to do 10 minutes or an hour of exercises will equally do good for your heart and body. Regular exercises, especially aerobic ones have lots of benefits and keep your heart healthy, such as: improve the circulation and give the body the possibility to use oxygen better, strengthen our cardiovascular system, improve the muscle tone, lower blood pressure, make you feel relaxed, look better and healthy.

We can number lots of reasons why exercises are essentially and challenge your heart to become stronger and work harder, but most experts recommend a daily program with around 20 minutes of exercises, even a moderate walk each day or a 15 minutes run per day for five times.

If you have had a sedentary lifestyle and you were feeling anxious, tired and unmotivated lately, the best thing to do is to start slowly by a few minutes per day, including a simple and moderate walking. If the weather doesn’t offer the place for exercises, you can do them in your own place. It is important to start doing aerobic or cardiovascular exercises.

People are constantly wondering how do I get started? It is indicated to have a regular exercise program, but before you start one, you should talk to a doctor (if you are having heart issues) about your medication changes, what exercises to do without getting tired and ask for its approval to swim, jog or swim.

Walking is probably the best cure for your healthy heart. The human body needs to move and to walk, as it is the simplest and natural way to improve your physical condition. Wear comfortable walking shoes, get your iPod or other music gadget and go for a walk. Whether you walk a half an hour or an hour, it will still have a positive impact on your heart.

Running is indeed more challenging than a simple walking and a better way to burn lots of calories. It is another heart-healthy physical activity needed to keep in shape. If you are a beginner at running, start out with a simple walk and then add a few minutes of running. In time, you can increase the minutes you run without need for walking.

Swimming and cycling are two other cardiovascular activities that can help your heart and challenge your physical condition. Swimming is actually an efficient and safe alternative to running or walking. Cycling is a low-impact exercise that can be practiced in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

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