When it comes to respect a strict diet that will help you loose a few extra pounds, things do seem a little bit difficult, as long as you are forced to give up your favorite sweets, juice, sometimes coffee and other desired aliments. But, you know once in a while you need to do certain sacrifices for your your your physical conditions.

People often choose to postpone it and continue to eat unhealthy or stop doing exercises useful for their blood pressure for no particular reason. Probably, many of us tend to fall into a coziness, which it’s hard to give up, but not impossible. What would you say about receiving financial incentives to lose weight? Would you be more motivated to start a diet and reach your health goals?

According to a recent study, the answer is positive and it is a good motivation to loose a few extra pounds. Researchers from Mayo Clinic have had an experiment and observed 100 employees during one year of course as they took educational classes about healthy living and how to lose weight.

  • During this period, employees were separated in several groups, where some of them received financial incentives to get rid of unwanted pounds, while others have just taken the courses. What was the result? The lead study, doctor Stephen Driver and his colleagues found that people motivated by the financial part were more focused to follow the healthy behavior than the others.

After 52 weeks, they have actually succeeded to lose an average of 9 pounds, as compared to those who didn’t get any financial incentives and have lost only 2 pounds. The doctor also said that each patient received $20 for every lost pound, but they were also forced to pay $20, if they have gained back.

  • Apparently, 86 percent of employers are using this method by offering different incentives  as an efficient way and great stimulant for employees to reach their health goals. The main problem is that it may become expensive and it is indicated to encourage the “losers” to fund the “winners” to make this model be more sustainable.

CNN online magazine has said this isn’t the only study related to financial incentives and losing weight, but it’s the longest one with constant follow-up. While it was a disproportion between those with no financial motivation and the others, they have also succeed to get rid of a few extra pounds.

Bottom line, it is important to remember the financial incentives’ role in this entire process of losing weight, as a powerful tool to motivate people.

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