Aging is a natural process and it doesn’t ignore anybody, man or woman. Sooner or later, the first signs of reaching a certain age occur and as much as we’d hate to admit is, we ladies take this process very personal, as if nature would offend us and punish our beautiful faces with those obnoxious lines around our eyes, forehead or chin.

A greater curse is, nonetheless, this disturbing occurrence of  wrinkles in our young age, when the surprise is equaled only by the disappointment and frustration. Starting with their twenties, women face the problem of the fine but still visible lines, fearing the thought that very soon, they will have to fight with the more deep, permanent wrinkles.

In order to prevent the extensive damage nature can cause us, the only solution is to take your time and effort and invest a certain level of care into your skin, so that you can look younger and better for a longer period of time. So apart from the most general tips of advice you hear all over the place, as in “quit smoking”, “avoid the sun” or “change your diet”, there are simpler, more at hand steps to follow. Of course, sun exposure, smoking and diet are crucial, but they involve a series of long-term changes in your lifestyle and not all of them, unfortunately, can be applied by all women, especially by the very young ones.

So, first things first:

1. Show your face and your skin the consideration it deserves. If you can hide the rest of your body behind cool outfits, your face is like a business card for every woman, impossible to hide and first to make an impression. So in order to be beautiful, your skin must first be healthy. Clean your face, use natural products, even home-made mixtures of good herbs, natural masks and even change water with a more suitable, natural cleanser. And under no circumstance, don’t go to bed with your make up on. Actually get rid of that make up as often as you can during the day. Granted, make-up is important. The stressed skin behind it is crucial.

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Your body and your face. Try natural hydrating products both in the morning and in the evening. If you’re the proverbial camel, with a bottle of water accessorizing your purse, it’s all for the best. As skin care hydrating products, experts give you carte blanche for almost everything is natural, from cucumber to chamomile tea.

3. The sun warning is not a joke and now, with all the research undergoing regarding the negative effects of sun exposure to health, it’s only safe to wear skin protecting lotions. UV rays determine skin aging and wrinkle development even at a young age, so it’s not mandatory to wear a sun screen only when you go to the beach, but even when you go out everyday.

4. How much drinking is too much? Well, you don’t want your liver to answer that question and we won’t go too far discussing the negative effects of alcohol on your general health. Say a social drink now and then is fun and let’s start from there. If you know you’re about to have a few drinks one night, make sure you eat first and drink water between shots. This will help your liver process toxins you don’t want to see displayed on your face the next morning. A raging party may have evident side – effects on your skin, but as wrinkles go, prevent them by taking care of your alcohol intake.

5. Those fine lines around your eyes are the first to show up and they are associated with our inevitable daily facial expressions. And while nobody says not to smile, laugh or frown anymore, pay attention to your reading or movie watching habits: if you tend to narrow your eyes in order to get a better read or picture, wrinkles aside, you need to go to an ophthalmologist. This is a wrinkle prevention tip as well as it is a common sense advice regarding your vision health and your quality of life.

Last but not least, since cosmetic industry has a soft spot for wrinkles, it developed so many care and prevention treatments, oils, serums and creams, that you won’t have a problem choosing the best that fits your needs, depending on your age range and skin type. But before reaching that point when you can’t go to sleep until your face becomes a chemical laboratory, try the natural ways and let your body work for you!

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