Have you recently had some of these signs: lack of energy, feeling physically tired, weakness of the body with a difficulty of focusing on different tasks? Don’t worry, you are not exactly sick. You are suffering from spring fatigue or spring asthenia, a common symptom for most of us when spring season is coming.

Spring fatigue doesn’t have to be seen as a medical disease, but a seasonal disorder caused by changes in temperature, the intensity of lightning or atmosphere pressure, factors that affect our body, creating an unpleasant discomfort, dizziness, muscle tension and lack of appetite for doing something. According to specialists, despite these symptoms, spring asthenia cannot be considered to be an illness or syndrome.

Different statistics and studies estimate that at least 2 percent of population to be affected, women being more inclined to suffer from spring fatigue than men. After the cold winter season, our body had suffered several transformations and a recovering is highly required. Moreover, many people usually have mood changes such as sleepiness, irritability or apathy with a direct effect on their daily activity.

No matter the reasons for this spring fatigue or asthenia, it can be combated by following a few solutions and recommendations to revive you and get rid of these uncomfortable disorder with negative consequences over our lives.

  • Healthy food is probably the first measure to be taken when dealing with this disorder. People need to be carefully on what they eat, because the body is lacking vitamins and minerals after a cold season. To get their energy and force back, it is highly indicated a healthy food for a short or long-termed period. A daily consume of salads, vegetables, fruits or herbs have great benefits for both body and state of spirit. Nutritionists also recommend the raw food,because natural aliments are essential to power our body. Avoid as much as possible fats, juices, fast food or sweets.
  • A good sleep at night with the regular schedule of seven hours to generate more energy during the next day. Respecting your sleep program will allow you to rest and your organism to recover its energy accumulated after a long day of work. A good night sleep brings its contribution to combating the spring fatigue, so don’t stay up all night.
  • Do more exercises every day, because it is helpful to put your blood in moving and deal this awful spring fatigue. Now that spring is here, there’ll be more sunny days and you can do jogging in the park, performing different exercises or simply walking.
  • Give time for your passions and any other activities that make you feel happy. As someone once said, enjoy little things in life and give time for them. Whether you like playing guitar, reading, watching a movie or even cooking, take time and enjoy it, as long as they influence positively your daily mood.
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