We all know how hard is to abstain from sweets. I speak for myself and I may confess the struggle is hard, especially to resist chocolate.  Avoiding or eating less sweets can be translated in how to eat less sugar and lose weight. Therefore, if you are trying to give up a few kilos, the first golden rule is to say no to sugar.

All those sweets, candies, chocolate, patisserie products and other sugar treats will keep your body at a high level of insulin production which is significantly contributing to the composition of fat cells. Giving up all those sugary goodies is a difficult job, but it’s not impossible. With a little effort, you can have a normal consumption of sugar. Before you start exaggerating with all those catchy and tempting  sweets, think of your health and why it’s beneficial to lose weight faster and look better in time for that much awaited wedding.

Probably, the hardest part is to get started, so read about these easy ways to replace or eat less sugar in your daily diet.

  1. Eat more fruits – You may have heard this advice, but it’s actually really useful. Yes, fruits contain sugar, but it’s a good sugar compared to what’s inside chocolates and other sweets. It is recommended to eat fresh fruits every day (for example, a small banana or an apple) to reduce craving for refined sugar. Moreover, include a piece of fruit after a meal or snack to stop desiring a chocolate or other cookies. Try to avoid dried fruits and juice that contains fruits.
  2. Consume more protein because it has a longer process of digestion than the sugar and, therefore, it stops your organism to release too much insulin. By proteins, it means you can eat chicken, fish, seafood, which are a great source of proteins. Moreover, you can try other products such as nuts, seeds, cheese, although, they may be high in fat, so be careful with the quantity and have a moderate eating.
  3. Sugar is a great alternative when we are feeling sad, anxious, depressed or we need some comfort or high levels of energy in our lives. When you’ll make steps to find things you love or be with your friends, the need for sugar won’t be so high. Plus, your mood will be happy, so the best medicine is to take care of yourself by taking naps when you are sleepy, have a positive attitude for life. Being optimistic can have a great contribution to lose more weight than you imagine.
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