Summer season has officially arrived and everybody wants to have a perfect skin. Remember this season is different than others, due to the high effect of UV radiation in the air. Thus, you need to protect the skin, in order to look perfectly and healthy.

The recommendation isn’t just for the summer season, but for a daily routine, knowing that we are frequently exposing our face to various external factors. Maybe you don’t have time for facials or appointments to the dermatology department. Maybe you don’t have a big budget for expensive creams or different treatments.

Here is a list with some useful tips to keep in mind and protect your skin:

1. Throw out any expired products you may have in the house, because they can damage your skin; especially if it’s sensitive. Moreover, it is recommended to trash or donate different products you don’t use on a daily basis.

2. Have a healthy diet, because it will also affect the nature of your skin. The simplest and easiest way to keep your skin healthy is to eat adequately and stay hydrated. We have said it before; try to drink as many water as you can during the day and eat many salads, fruits and vegetables, avoiding a high quantity of sugar.

3. Have a simple day and night routine with an adequate treatment for your skin. Use your specific creams for face in simple and quick steps; they shouldn’t last more than 3 or 4 minutes.

4. Be careful to your sodium and protein portions. We don’t need a doctor’s approval to advice you with the use of salt. You may know by now that salt reduction is absolutely important for a healthy skin, because salt decreases the water portion and your organs become dehydrated. The direct effect is a dry and “cracked” skin. Moreover, if you tend to eat on the run, pay attention to nutritional labels and consider the protein portion essential for your healthy and youthful skin. It is recommended that protein to have about 40 percent of your diet.

5. Protect your skin when exposing to sun – Now that summer is finally here, the sun will be more generous with us, but we have to be more careful with our skin. Try to use a special cream with high protection against UV rays, as well as a cream that contains a hydrating formula.

Whether you’ll expose your skin more or less to the sun, always remember to take care and protect your skin.

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