You can be honest to yourself and admit that you have these “bad” habits from time to time. Maybe when you are stressed out and need something for snacking or crave for cookies. It happened to me and I am sure there are many persons facing this issue. It usually happens at night when there’s no strict program or too many activity like in the office and you feel the desire to snack something. Most probably, the fridge is your best friend, because you are hoping to find something for snack.

According to a new research, our body seems to be physiologically scheduled to ask for cookies or other sweets after dark, when it’s not recommended to eat, as it can affect your weight – especially in this summer period. Apparently, our internal clock starts to crave for sweets or salty foods in the evening, mostly around 8 pm. This built-in need may be dangerous for our health, as well as for our waistline and women need to look great for the summer season.

In a nutshell, eating fat food or snacking in the evening when your activity level is low, the results may be negative for your body, because you gave it more than it needs and a surplus is usually created which is translated in more kilos and fat cells. What can you do? How can you confront this situation?

  • Try to drink a big glass of water to calm these special needs. As difficult as it may be, make an effort and drink water to avoid the need to start snacking. It could be a good strategy to give up this bad habit, especially during the evening.
  • Eat fruit salads or something light such as yogurt if you are so hungry. The mood for snacking can appear when you are watching TV or a movie and you need something scrunch.
  • Pre-planning meals during the day and think of experiencing a healthy option. In most cases, the dinner seems to be a burden, because some people try to skip it, while others eat more than the rest of the day. Be creative and try various healthy food combinations with less fats, especially in the summer season. Organic greens or salads can be great alternatives and, within minutes, your dinner is ready.
  • Have the regular hours for sleeping, because it’s a main reason to crave for snacking of food. Staying up late, when you are supposed to sleep, it increases your desire of overeating at night. Before the advancement of tech world, when there wasn’t so many smartphones, tablets and other gadgets, people used to sleep around 8-10 hours, but now we tend to have an average of 6-7 hours.
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