Meal prepping is advocated by fitness gurus and scientists alike. But is this just another dietary fad like all the others? With the expansive amount of positive experiences about it to be found online, it is hard to ignore meal prep for weight loss goals. Yet there have been countless diets claiming to be weight loss miracles, and all have seemed to fail. Any diet plan claiming miracle results will usually disappoint.
Meal prep isn’t a miracle cure for our country’s obesity problem, but it has proven to be safe and effective for thousands of people. It will still require a dedicated practice and adherence to your practice to attain your goals. One quick search online can yield incredible numbers of positive, first-hand experiences as a result of meal prepping diets and give you ideas for how to make it work for you. Let’s take a deeper look at meal prep for weight loss and how it can help us rebuild our relationship with food.

What Is Meal Prep?

Meal prepping has found its way into the popular culture all over the world. It is one of the most popular diets practiced today, but it is not a diet that restricts certain foods or limits our variety of foods. It is actually focused on our portion sizes and organizing how we prepare meals.

The great thing about meal prep is that is can be customized to suit your specific needs. There are no strict guidelines or rules short of simply preparing your meals beforehand. This open-minded concept is key to the success of meal prepping; it does not shame people or require drastic changes to your diet.


The concept of meal prepping is simple: we prepare our meals for the upcoming week and avoid having to worry about where our meals come from as we try to live and work through our busy schedules. The idea is that we are less likely to eat unhealthy convenience foods if we prepare nutrient rich meals beforehand. Also, by having our meals planned out, we avoid the stress of deciding what to eat or when to cook.

By preparing a week’s worth of meals in advance, we can take back control over our dietary choices. We can choose meals we love and control portion sizes by only allowing certain amounts of food per meal. This requires dedication and self-control like any diet, but meal prep for weight loss is the simplest way to achieving our dietary goals.


There are many ways to go about starting a meal prep routine. Many people choose to pair their newfound meal prepping with a new meal plan. Many people choose certain days to only eat plant-based meals, or choose days when they are restricting carbs or sweets. Meal prepping pairs well with almost any diet and exercise routine.

Some people choose to meal prep every week, whereas others may only prep their meals one week out of the month. Some may prep every single meal, while other will only prep the meal where they are most likely to feel stressed and succumb to the urge to order a pizza. Choose a routine that works best for you and always listen to your body. You can customize your practice to suit your needs and desired goals. What works for everyone else may not work for you, so be open-minded when designing your routine.

How To Go About It

The essential component to starting a meal prep routine is the containers used to store the meals. We recommend getting 14 containers to prep two meals a day, depending on how long your prepped week is. You will want to use containers that can be reused and easily cleaned. Some brands have designed containers specifically to be used as meal prep for weight loss containers. These containers have predetermined portion sizes, but portioning without fancy containers is as easy as using a measuring cup.

The simplest way to starting a meal prep routine is to get your grocery shopping for the week finished on Sunday and prepare the meals. Be sure the meals will not spoil before the week ends, and you should also make meals that can be reheated easily. Prepare your meals for the week depending on your dietary needs. Perhaps you want to prep for five days of the week instead of a full seven. However you decide to develop your practice, the overall structure is simple. Prepare your meals and that’s what you have that week to eat.

5 Benefits Of Meal Prep For Weight Loss

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We see that there is a dire need for a meal prep for weight loss diet, but there are also many other benefits. The positive impact on the environment and overall effectiveness of meal prepping are great ,but there are many other benefits of this diet. This diet not only has great benefits for your body, but also affects the mind in great ways. We are essentially reconstructing how we view food and diet.

Protect The Environment

What many do not realize is that meal prepping has a good effect on the environment. Instead of purchasing fast food or convenience store foods that are packaged in plastic, we lessen our waste production.

Prepackaged foods are also notorious for containing artificial ingredients, and any routine that aims to reduce consumption of these foods is beneficial. Using reusable containers and water bottles also helps this cause. By portioning out our meal, we also waste less food/ Studies have shown that Americans throw away almost half their food.

Fight Back Against Obesity

The need for meal prep for weight loss grows as our culture searches for a safe and effective way to lose excess weight. In North America, obesity is a pressing issue. Obesity-related illness is one of the leading causes of death, and this issue needs to be addressed with dietary changes. Studies have shown that meal prepping is safe since it requires no intensive restriction of calories. Also, since meal prepping doesn’t require drastic alteration to your diet, there is no risk of your body being shocked by dramatic diet change.

Align Your Diet With Science

Since meal prepping helps us reduce our portion sizes, we are effectively restricting caloric intake. Scientific studies have shown that the reduction on calories leads to weight loss. They show further more this restriction of calories to be safe for our bodies.

When our bodies have less quick energy to burn in the form of calories, its natural fat burning abilities are engaged. Since there are no quick sugars to burn, our body uses fat reserves as a source of energy. Energy from fat has been proven to be more efficient energy, causing less waste than burning quick energy. This is a natural reaction of the body and is the way we were meant to live.

When we don’t give our bodies every calorie they need to do a day’s work, they engage a defense mechanism to deal with this dietary changes. This natural bodily functions literally burns the fat that is stored in our bodies. This is the safest means of weight loss available.

It’s Safer Than Fad Diets

The safety of meal prep for weight loss has not only been proven by the thousands of people online but also has been shown to be safe scientifically. Diets that require you to cut out important food groups are not safe for your body. Instead of cutting out important food groups, we are effectively rebuilding our relationship with food through meal prepping.

It Works

To reiterate, we cannot celebrate the effectiveness of meal prep for weight loss enough. It will take dedication and discipline to achieve the weight loss you desire, but the safety of this practice is worth the extra time it takes to achieve results. There is no doubt that meal prepping is safe and effective; but as with any diet choices, consult your physician before making drastic changes.


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We have seen that meal prep for weight loss proves to be the most effective and safest route to your desired goals. With the backing science and the online fitness community there is no shortage of support for meal prepping. This practice is simple enough that anyone can do it, and it costs next to nothing.
The impact on the environment that meal prepping has is just another benefit in a long list of positive reasons to take up the habit. Simply changing your diet in this way has a great impact on the environment.

Overall, meal prepping is the best way to rebuild our relationships with our bodies. The health benefits that come along with weight loss are invaluable, but consider the added benefit of taking control of your diet and meal 

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