Feeling stressed or overwhelmed are unfortunately quite common among adults and sometimes even children. They are normal feelings that have to be kept under control, otherwise they could take over our lives, put our mental health in danger and it could lead to depression and anxiety. But how about our emotional health? Are you in control of your emotions? Can you deal with them at the exact time you experience them, or do you just bottle and store them for safe keeping in a dark corner of your soul? How can you deal with your emotions, pain and anger? We’ve thought of a few ways you can do that to ensure you are in tip-top emotional health.

Live Your Pain

It is very important for you to live your pain. Whenever you feel pain, whether it is because you’ve lost someone dear or you just feel sad and overwhelmed, you should live all of your feelings, don’t ignore them. They will eventually come right back up and cause more issues than you are prepared for.

Think Before You Act

Human beings act on impulses more often than we would like to accept. Still, that doesn’t mean that we are slaves to our impulses. Think before doing something, don’t act out on impulses because you could end up regretting it.

Talk, Talk, Talk

That’s what friends are for, to be there for you and listen to your problems. If you feel like you’ve got something you need to talk about, or if something bothers you, then go right ahead. Don’t hold back and don’t be afraid to analyze the things that are happening in your life. Remember that you are the main character in the story of your life.

React When You Feel Like Doing So

Never hold back when you feel like you’re being attacked or provoked – that is not to say you should attack – all you have to do is react. Calmly and peacefully ask the other person the reasons behind their attack and in no time you will be in perfect synchronization with your feelings.

It’s OK to Feel Anger

Anger is not necessarily a bad thing to experience. It is a normal human emotion that can only cause problems if it is not recognized. Whenever you feel angry at something or someone, ask yourself why you feel that way. Think about the reasons behind your anger, the source of it and you will learn by yourself to avoid feeling it again, if you are open to self-introspection.


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