According to a new survey published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, approximately 84 million of US adults were uninsured in 2012 and they didn’t have a health insurance to cover their illness or possible health problems.

  • These findings were the result of a Biennial Health Insurance Survey which concluded that 46 percent of working capable adults with ages between 19 and 64, living in the United States were without a health insurance coverage. A high number of uninsured persons that   could pay exorbitant amounts of their pockets for the medical costs.

This is actually a direct effect of the unemployment effect that has put a lot of pressure on the Unites States of America too. About half of the 84 million of US adults have had a low income that indicated a clear poverty level. Like the major countries, US is also facing a major crisis with big financial problems that have had a direct effect over the population.

Being without a health insurance, many US citizens couldn’t ask for medical care, because the costs were too high. The study’s results have also shown that three in ten adults didn’t visit a doctor specialist regarding a medical issue, while one in five respondents didn’t actually needed a medical care. Moreover, more than a quarter of Americans didn’t fill a prescription or recommendation from a doctor for various affections.

  • Even so, there were still persons with a reasonable health insurance coverage and 28 percent of them still didn’t seek for medical services because of a high price. The healthcare system is still high and many persons can’t afford it. Achieving insurance is expensive, especially for unemployed people without a monthly income to survive who can’t support the costs of medical plans that are expensive. It seems that a health coverage for an entire family can cost some employees about a third of their monthly salary which is basically the equivalent of a rent payment.

Starting with 2014 a new affordable care act will be available, offering new coverage options for persons with a more and more tendency for employees to accept part-time jobs that will assure a constant income. The labor market continues to have difficulties, because – globally speaking – the number of unemployed persons is still big.

  • Another report from consulting company Mercer found that 51 percent of employers haven’t offered health coverage to employees that worked around 30 hours per week. Big companies have gained attention for cutting full time employment for employees which was a direct response to the Obama care system.

It has been a lot of buzz about the implementation and eventual impact of Obama care for citizens and lots of businesses were in impossibility to support and provide coverage for their workers. New sources show that next year 14 million uninsured people will gain health insurance coverage.

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