The lack of time was always an excuse to skip doing exercises which are essential for your mental and body conditions. If you recall it, we have been talking in a previous article about finding time for exercises, by giving several useful ideas to practice 20 minutes of your time for sport.

  • Still having problems with the time? 20 minutes seem to be too much to practice a few exercises? Here is a good news for all busy persons out there. Researchers have discovered that only 7-minute exercise program is sufficient and efficient for your whole body. According to a new research in the fitness area, a daily routine of 12 exercises is complete and enough to provide as many healthy benefits as an hour of running in the park or a full session of training, for example.

As curious as it may seems, it appears that these 7 minutes for exercises are intense and put all put muscles in move, being a great alternative guide that you can do it with no required equipment. All you need for this workout is a wall, a chair and only 7 minutes of your precious and busy time.

Regarding the scientific 7-minute workout, everyone will complete a routine of 12 exercises including: jumping jack, wall sit, push-up and rotation, crunch, squat, triceps-plank, step up, run on spot, side plank or high knees running in place. The article about the newest fitness research called Maximum results with minimum investment has been published in the May-June of the American College of Sports Medicine Health & Fitness.

According to this article, the 7-minute workout program is based on science and it involves high-intensively effort that is practically equivalent of an hour of running or a visit to the weight room. Moreover, these 12 exercises do offer a little discomfort, as well as maximum effort from a person.

  • Researchers have said that exercises should be done in a rapid session, allowing 30 seconds for each category and 10 seconds for rest, meaning brief periods for recovery. From a 1 to 10 discomfort scale, the intensively of exercises is at about an 8. Those approximately 7-minute workout should be, indeed, unpleasant and painful, to provide maximum results with minimum but very intense effort.

Chris Jordan, the director of exercise physiology at the Human Performance Institute in Orlando said for the New York Times magazine that high intensity training program offers many of the fitness benefits of long endurance in a few time. Bottom line, following these 7 minute workout program should have positive effects over your body and change your life completely.

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