According to a new scientific statement from the American Heart Association (AHA), pet owners may present a lower risk for heart disease than the rest of persons. A group of specialized doctors from Australia have discovered that pet ownership and cardiovascular health is associated with a reduced risk for heart disease with no other history related with the cardiac issues.

  • A professor at Baylor College of Medicine along with his colleagues stated that those persons who own a dog or a cat present more signs to a risk of heart disease. The explanation for this fact refers to the phenomenon whereby these people become physically active and determine a lower blood pressure, cholesterol and less levels of stress.

Many studies have proven that the special relationship between a pet (especially a dog and a cat) and a person can contribute to less levels of stress hormones and allow people to deal better with their emotions and face differently stressful situations. Moreover, several employers have said that some people have a higher level of performance at the job in the presence of their pet. Thus, they allowed their employees to bring the pet into the work.

  • It has also been demonstrated that a significant number of patients who take blood pressure medication have presented a reduced dose of treatment because of the calming and positive effects these animals may show. A separate study said that people who adopted dogs have had their blood pressure significantly reduced, while another study highlighted the idea of dog owners having a more active lifestyle than those without a dog.

Other studies have also discovered that people who don’t own a dog personally, but walk them often aren’t so exposed to obesity like the rest of persons. But data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that pet owners can be as well as overweight as people without a pet. Although owning effectively a pet cannot prevent heart disease, showing affection indicate lots of positive effects such as a lower blood pressure, cholesterol, weight or stress generally.

Although the American Heart Association was optimistic and presented its benefits of owning a pet, it doesn’t precisely mean that you should go out, buy a dog or a cat and expect to have a lower risk for cardiovascular diseases. But, if you own a dog, chances are to show a lower risk of heart disease compared to those who don’t have a dog. However, more studies and researches based on this theme are required and necessary to prove that the pet ownership leads to a lower risk for heart disease.

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