There is no reason to mention the importance of health in our lives, especially our bones that get to grow healthy day by day. Moreover, keep in mind how important is to do exercises and stay in a good shape. Don’t treat these useful tips or advice superficially, because it involves your health which is basically the driving engine to have a happy life and enjoy little things in life.

When it comes to having healthy bones, it is widely important to be carefully to two key nutrients: calcium and vitamin D. These two elements bring a good contribution to your bones structure and their healthy growth. Medical specialists suggest to start giving calcium and vitamin D in early ages, but they can also be administrated later. These two nutrients are extremely beneficial for people, as they prevent different fractures and slow some diseases. But, where you can get calcium and vitamin D? Which are those foods recommended to eat?

  • Yogurt is good and recommended in many diets, because it contains vitamin D. If you consider having a cup of creamy yogurt constantly, you’ll get your daily calcium. Try in supermarkets simple yogurt or with fruits, but it is indicated to focus on fat-free plain yogurt that contain both calcium and vitamin D.
  • Milk is one of the most indicated and necessary foods for child; only think of those ads with milk for kids. Drinking daily two or three glasses of milk (choose carefully a brand with vitamin D), it will provide consumers lots of benefits, including a daily dose of calcium. Another variant is to trying blending milk in combination with fruits.
  • Cheese is also a nutritive aliment for both adults and kids, because it offers an amount of vitamin D and lots of calcium. Just because it is rich in calcium, it doesn’t mean you have to start eating in excess. Enjoy a moderate portion of cheese every day, opting from a variety of cheeses with less fats.
  • Sardines is also a healthy aliment to enforce your bones. These small fish, usually find in cans have high levels of calcium and vitamin D. Sardines can be consumed in salads or pastas, being very tasty. Keep in mind also that sardines are also recommended in diets to lose a few pounds.
  • Eggs also contain about six percent of your daily dose of vitamin D and you can find different and easy ways to cook them. It is recommended not to eat white eggs, because, even if they cut calories, the vitamin D is found in the yolk.
  • Do you like salmon? It is really a tasteful and healthy aliment, containing plenty of omega 3 fatty acids. You can eat without no worries, because it is very rich in vitamin D, being indicated for your heart and bones.

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