woman doing bike exerciseBeing able to brag with having a flat stomach is the dream of every woman preoccupied with her figure. To lose weight and get a flat stomach it does not need as much effort as you think. And we know how hard it is to find the time to exercise or cook healthy. You can lose extra pounds if you eliminate harmful foods from your diet and you provide your body with the necessary nutrients through a balanced diet. In addition to proper nutrition according to your lifestyle, an exercise program easily performed in the comfort of your own home will make a real difference in getting a flat stomach and a contoured waist. Here are some basic rules for a flat abdomen:

Reduce sodium intake

One of the most important rules for a flat abdomen is reducing sodium intake. The more sodium your diet contains, the more you will feel bloated and your silhouette will suffer. The amount of sodium can be reduced by 30% if you replace the salt in your food with herbs, spices and juice.

If you have concerns about eating a tasteless meal, there are alternatives that can be handy for a low sodium diet, but delicious nonetheless. Avoid salt as much as possible in your diet and eat foods that do not interfere with the desire to have a flat stomach.

Avoid eating starch or sorbitol

Sorbitol is a sugar – alcohol hexahydrate derived from glucose by hydrogenation. It is found naturally in apples, pears, peaches, plums, but also as a sugar substitute in many diet foods – and it is the main enemy when it comes to diet and getting a flat stomach.

Starch is an organic substance that is found in seeds, fruits and tubers of plants. Potatoes, corn, rice, bread, pasta and all those foods that contain flour are better to avoid if you want a flat stomach and you’re willing to sacrifice something to get it.

Avoid acid

The reason why carbonated drinks are not good for your figure is not much of a secret. Acid causes gastric disorder, slowing metabolism and giving a feeling of being bloated. In no way will you be able to pride yourself with a flat stomach, given that you don’t stop drinking fizzy drinks.

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Stress brings extra pounds

You’ve heard of women who state that weight loss is due to daily stress. We advise you instead to remove all negative energies in your life to keep the level of cortisol (stress hormone) to normal.

Researchers have shown that people who lead a stressful life rapidly accumulate extra pounds and put in their lives obstacles difficult to overcome, even with a balanced diet. So next time, try to calm the spirits and avoid the stress which is preventing you to have a flat stomach.

Exercise and tips for a flat stomach

Vary continuously your training

Our body adapts to the type of exercises we make it do and this is the reason why, at first, we achieve some results, but after these transformations, nothing else occurs. Exercises need to diversify their level of difficulty and duration. Choose a set of adjustable weights in order to increase their weight, try new equipment in the fitness room, in terms of cardio do not overlook the elliptical bike, even if your favorite is the treadmill.

If you feel sick or have pain during an exercise, stop

No, physical activity is not measured in days of sore muscles, nor in the difficulty of the exercises performed in the gym. Pain is a signal that something is wrong – whether you need to rest, or you need an adjustment to exercise, or have proved too overzealous. So, whenever you are feeling pain during sports programs, stop and find the cause.

The importance of posture

For stretching the abdominal muscles and getting a flat stomach, there are specific exercises for any area you wish to improve. We suggest the following exercise, known in gym classes as the “boat” or “basket”.

Stand facing the fitness mattress, flex the muscles of the abdomen and those of the back and lift your legs off the ground, keeping the position for several seconds. Release, then repeat this simple and efficient exercise.

The bike for the abdomen

The initial position requires you to lie down on a fitness mattress, palms behind your head and knees bent at 20 cm of soil. This exercise for a flat stomach is accomplished by bending the knee to the opposite arm. Work both sides and follow the example below for necessary edification.

Balance and strength

The position involves standing on one side on the ground, leaning out on the forearm and knee complementary to the hand you use. In this position you just have to balance your body, while flexing the abdominal muscles. It’s a great way to achieve a flat stomach.

By following these simple rules for a flat abdomen, you too can have that six-pack you’ve always wanted.

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