Keeping a control of the weight during summer season is on top of priorities, because many women want to have a perfect body. Maybe you are already tried a special seasonable diet to lose some weight, so you are probably counting the calories. Once again, we remind you the importance of exercises during any diet, as well as a perfect combination to deliver the best results.

Is your goal to be in a great shape this summer? Are you eating the right food, because it is also difficult to abstain from cookies and other sweets this season. Ironically or not, it’s the perfect timing for delicious products such as cocktails, milkshakes, ice creams or junk foods. You are not going to starve yourself to death just because you want to lose some weight.

Eating healthy and including low-calories meals in your diet may be problematic, so here are some delicious summer foods to choose:

  1. Have you tried canned tuna? I personally prefer it this summer mixed with different salads, which is absolutely delicious. Needless to say that it’s a great alternative for those persons with no mood for cooking. Tuna is healthy, contains omega 3 and is a low-calorie meal prepared in a few minutes.
  2. Eating grilled or boiled vegetables is a must during summer season. Easy to cook, they are low in calories, but high in vitamins, so you should definitely consume them. Think of your favorite vegetables, throw them on a barbecue or recipient, so you can make a delicious meal.
  3. Yogurt is rich in vitamins, especially the Greek yogurt, so include it in your daily diet. Considered to be an excellent alternative to a home-cooked meal, it is also fresh and delicious, being consumed during a lunch break or at the dinner. It is also recommended to mix it with raspberries to become an energized drink to start your day.
  4. I personally love watermelon and impatiently waiting for its season to arrive and eat. Besides its special properties to keep you hydrated for a long time and full, it is also an excellent source of vitamins A and C, as well as others.
  5. Another recommended meal this summer with less calories is the salmon, which is a delicious fish that can be consumed in the dinner or at lunch, depending on your preferences. Salmon is healthy, tasty and can be easily mixed with a light summer salad or rice. According to your own taste, it can be cooked at grill or boiled and served with some lime.

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