We are all aware of the fact that technology has advanced so much in the last years and can make a great team with the medicine to help developing different treatments for various diseases. Despite its evolution, we are more often surprised by a high number of cancer diseases among teenagers or other forms of illnesses that can cause patients’ death.

Technology does have a major impact over our lives, we are totally agree with that, especially that it has dramatically changed our way of communicating and sharing info within our business, family, friends or work. According to Reuters online publication, Isis Pharmaceuticals INC has teamed up with a Swiss drug-maker called Roche Holding AG to start developing useful treatments for Huntington’s disease.

  • If you haven’t heard about this disease before, it is a neuro degenerative brain disorder that affects mainly muscle coordination and can have different consequences such as cognitive decline or other related psychiatric problems. The disease is usually seen at persons who reached the mid-adult life.

Roche will pay a substantial amount of 30 million dollars plus other $362 million for the licensing terms with the mention that Isis will receive royalties obtained from sales of any commercial drugs. At the beginning, this new development will try to focus on Isis’s principal drug that is responsible for blocking the production of any Huntington protein, which is also the main cause for the so called Huntington’s disease.

According to specialists, physical symptoms of this disease can start in both early or mid age, but it’s not a certain rule. Its first symptoms usually occur between the ages of 30 and 40. Only a small 6 percent of cases begin before the age of 21 years old with an akinetic-rigid syndrome. This disease’s effects are related to a progressive loss of both mental and physical abilities.

  • If we take a look at statistics presented by Huntington’s Disease Society of America, only 1 in 10,000 people in the United States of America suffer from this disorder, but the need for treatments is still required. Reuters also said that these two companies will also collaborate for another drug using Roche’s <brain shuttle> program, in order to look for improving other antisense drugs to penetrate.

This initiative is worth mentioned, as long as it focus on finding a reliable and good solution to those persons affected by Huntington’s disease. While the main target is for mid-aged people, a carefully prevention from anyone is indicated. The collaboration between these companies can become fruitful, as it seems to be a compatibility or perfect fit between the antisense drug platform and Roche’s neuroscience franchise.

Image credit: AbcNews.com

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