When it comes to various diets, we tend to lie a little bit about our progress and say we look better. We also react positively to different compliments from out friends or co-workers, even though it isn’t entirely true. Lying to yourself about your eating habits and asking for fast results can have a negative impact on both your physical and mental moods.

According to a new study, people use to lie about their health related behaviors and it involves issues ranging from exercise to diet or smoking. It is pretty common among many persons, because they try to make themselves more virtuous and strong in the eyes of someone else.

Here is a list with three of the most frequent lies that you should answer, so you can basically lose weight for good.

1. “I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full” is probably the most common phrase people say during the process of losing weight. They get hungry after meals and tend to have different snacks which are a sign that something is not working good.

The best thing to do is recognize that you want to eat, not because your body is asking you, but for other reasons such as anxiety or relationship issues; problems that affect your lifestyle. It is recommended to keep a food diary and include what and how much you eat, as well as your behavior before and after meals.

2. “I have a healthy diet most of the time” is another little lie that plots of people tend to say it. And it usually happens after someone is coming back from a vacation, dinner in the town where they exaggerated with the food. But acknowledge that on a daily basis you eat really healthfully, it’s not recommended. Nobody is perfect, so it’s normal to have a once in a while some junk food or dessert. As long as you set concrete goals to improve your eating habits by supervising how and what you eat, everything will be OK. Pay attention to all those fats and reduce them as much as possible, as well as checking the number of calories.

3. “I am allowed to eat more, because I do exercises a lot” is another common phrase said by many persons. Just because you hit the gym, being very active, it doesn’t mean that you need to eat more than your regular eating habits. It is indicated to establish a special diet for non-exercise days and another one for those days with workout. Thus, you can find a balance and you don’t get extra pounds.

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