We are living in a very digitized world where having a smartphone is actually a must-have accessory, as we are daily communicating with our friends via instant messages and other apps. Whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet, it is part of our lives, being connected and checking our social media channels to be constantly informed or find out fresh news about our friends.

In terms of health, there are a lot of useful applications for both Android and iOS operating system that can help you stay healthy and fit. Some are free, while others can be purchased for an affordable amount of money. No matter your current level of diet plans, you can check out one of these apps that can be useful to get the wanted results.

Fitocracy is a free app available for both Android and iPhone and a great workout motivator to help your lose weight. It actually challenges all users by turning the workout into a game, starting by asking basic info such as age, height, weight or fitness levels. After that, users can gain more points, as long as they burn more calories. You can share your results on one of the social channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. It’s an excellent option app for all users who like competition and turning their goals into a game.

Gain Fitness Cross Trainer is also a free app available only for iPhone and a good option for all beginners who don’t know exactly which type of exercises are right for their body. The app is a very useful tool with demos for strength moves, yoga and cardio positions. With GAIN you can hace your exercises at home customized in accordance to your specifications, showing pictures plus tricks and trips about doing exercises. For anyone looking to start doing sport, GAIN app is like a personal trainer in your own pocket.

Endomondo app is free and available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry with a premium paid version for $4.99. With the add of your GPS tracking system in your smartphone, the app gives details about your route while running, cycling, walking or any other outdoor activity. It also provides info about your time and distance to challenge users for the next workout. For extra details, such as interval tracking for intensive training program or another intense workout program with a short time to practice. Endomondo also offers a low-power mode for those times when your battery is on a low mode, which is actually a great thing, especially for your iPhone handset. It challenges both you and your friends and is used by over 13 million of users.

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