When it comes to exercises or a little movement, most people choose a simple yet efficient solution: the gym classes. We don’t say it’s a bad thing, because the results can be seen, if it is constantly practiced. But, why not going outside and do your workout program?

Spring is already here and the weather is perfect for jogging, riding a bike or simply walking. Keep in mind that nature is a great opportunity to breath fresh air, see new faces and do your daily exercises.

  • If you choose to give up the gym and explore a running in a park or your neighborhoods, you may even go for longer exercises. Chances are to be distracted by the environment and to be less aware of your effort and double it. On the other side, in a gym, you have a certain limited time to do the exercises or you will leave the class shortly. Changing your daily routine can have a positive impact over your body, as well as your health.
  • More exercises or more time spent outside is equivalent to more calories burned, which means you’ll loss a few extra weights and look even better. The outdoor program may be more variate than a fitness schedule, when you know exactly what to expect and what type of exercises is involved. Moreover, all external variables such as a good weather or Mother Nature’s way of resistance training will help you lose more calories.
  • Another great reason to opt for outdoor exercises is the fact that you’ll save money. A monthly ticket for a gym class isn’t so cheap, so only think of those saved money which can be used for something else. Maybe investing in a gym equipment in your own home can also be expensive, so an easy, free and simple solution is to go for the outdoor activities.
  • Let’s not forget that you’ll be feeling better and happier being surrounded by the nature. Your mind responds better to outdoor activities, the fresh air, as well as the body that will release feel-good endorphin. Moreover, exercising outdoor creates a good mood and great feelings of energy and positive thinking. It’s totally different from an indoor exercising, where it’s a limited space with, probably, many persons around you.
  • Besides the mentioned positive effects, you’ll also be able to think more clearly. Being surrounded by the nature, it will make you smarter, be more fresh and think clearly about daily problems. Remember that being close to the nature is always increasing our well-being, the way we see things and react to different issues.
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