Nobody wants to think about how things would be if they were sick. People usually save up money for a vacation, for a laptop, a phone or presents for the friends and family – all happy occasions – but there comes a time in our lives when we have to act maturely and think about the rainy days that could come our way. The biggest cliché in the world is also the truest of all the truths in the world: health is your most important asset. If that’s gone, you can consider yourself through with everything else. Because of this, health insurance is paramount. It is not only reassuring to know that no matter what happens, you will be taken care of, but it is also a key step in making sure that you will live a long and healthy life.

Think about your children – wouldn’t you want them to have access to the best medical care possible? It is a fact that uninsured people are sicker and more prone to dying prematurely that those who are insured. Why is that? Because those who are uninsured get fewer preventive services and don’t get screened as often as those who are. The key to living a healthy life is not in the treatment of disease, but in prevention. One should get routine blood tests at least once a year and checkups are a must twice a year. Cancer is usually diagnosed when it is in its later stages, because more often than not, it presents itself without any symptoms. Why not avoid the big C and get a health insurance? The costs are not to be ignored, but one should prioritize one’s needs.

Imagine this, you’re riding a bike or walking home from work on a snowy day and you break your leg. You don’t have any health insurance and you must do something about the leg. If you don’t have an insurance it could cost you up to 7,500$ to get it fixed! That is absolutely insane! A hip replacement surgery could get you to shell out 30,000$. God forbid you ever need something like that – you and your brand new hip could go live under the bridge in a cardboard box.

Unfortunately, that’s how things are right now and for the moment we cannot change them.  It is an effort, but one that we all must make. Free healthcare is as far away from us as time travel is – so until we can go back in time and have a chat and a glass of wine with Marilyn Monroe, do yourself a favor and get health insurance.

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