What Are Blackheads?

Blackhead removal is paramount when your hair follicles are clogged with oil and the dead skin cells your body regenerated. These things become trapped in the opening of hair follicles, the surrounding air oxidizes them, and they turn black. That’s how you develop blackheads. Dermatologists describe blackheads as acne, though many people fail to realize this is the case. Blackheads are not the same thing as clogged pores, but it’s often difficult to tell the difference when all you want is clear skin. If you suffer from blackheads, learning about blackhead removal and prevention can help you clear your skin and live with more confidence.


How to Prevent Blackheads?

Prevention is the best form of attack against blackheads. Once you develop them the first time, you’re more likely to develop them in the future. Since this is not ideal, learning how to prevent them once they’re gone is imperative.


Wash Your Face Twice Daily

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Once in the morning and once in the evening prior to bed are the best times to wash your face. To prevent blackheads, avoid using products that contain fragrances. Bar soap is not recommended, either. What you should use is an exfoliating face wash that helps remove the excess buildup of dead skin cells and oil from your pores.


Avoid Using Certain Items on Your Face

woman putting oil-based products on face

If you suffer from blackheads, using oil-based products on your face is the worst thing you can do. Now is the time to go through your skincare and makeup items to see if they are oil-based. If they are, it’s time to throw them away and purchase items that do not contain as much oil. Finally, keep your hands off your face. Do not touch your face or neck with your oily hands, and you can prevent blackheads from forming.

Eat a Healthy Diet

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Fruit, vegetables, and water can keep your skin healthier and less likely to produce excess oil that causes blackheads to form. If your diet is lacking these essential items, remember they are also helpful in terms of keeping you at a healthy weight, making you feel less tired, and they make you stronger and more energized. Making the lifestyle change to include a healthier diet is one way to benefit your skin and your health.


Top Products and How to Use Them Against Blackheads

Certain products are helpful in removing blackheads, and each one leaves you with many options for controlling your outbreaks. These five ingredients are helpful for removing blackheads and preventing any future breakouts. Each one can be found in various forms, too, so you have options in terms of the type of product you want to use to get rid of blackheads when you’re suffering.

You will find this ingredient in many face washes, masks, and gels. While there is nothing wrong with using salicylic acid in a face wash form every day, it’s better to use it in a prolonged manner to treat stubborn blackheads. A gel or a face mask are better options for blackhead removal. They are both on your face longer than face wash, and it’s this longer exposure that helps loosen up the gunk inside hair follicles to remove blackheads.

There are numerous cleansing brushes available at beauty stores and pharmacies, but they are meant for weekly use. They are harsh and can irritate the skin when used more often. A cleansing brush like the Clarisonic brush works to remove dead skin, open up follicles to remove the gunk that creates blackheads, and it prevents future blackheads.

Clarisonic offers different brushes that work on your face for different reasons. The deep pore cleansing brush is one that helps you remove the things that clog your pores and create blackheads, and it’s recommended for weekly use. More severe breakouts that include blackheads, clogged pores, and acne might benefit from using this product every three to four days, but never more than twice a week.

You want to find a low-strength retinoid to use to fight blackheads. Retin-A is a great product for blackhead removal. It works to break down the oil and the dead skin that makes itself at home inside your hair follicles, which causes them to loosen up and fall out. It clears your immediate blackheads, and it also works to prevent future blackheads from occurring.

What you must know about using a retinoid product is that it is meant for nighttime use. The sunlight can inactive the products inside the cream, which will cause it to become useless. Talk to your doctor about using this product at night prior to going to bed to fight blackheads overnight while you sleep. Remember to wash your face in the morning, however, so you don’t leave the cream on your face all day in the sunlight.

This is not meant for everyday use, but it’s helpful on a weekly basis. These are different types on the market you can choose from, but the best masks include clay, charcoal, papaya, and pineapple extract to help remove the problems and clear your skin. These masks are safe for you to use at home, but you should only use them once per week.

Using them more often is harmful to your skin as they can cause more irritation than benefits when used to this extent.
The reason they work is that they break up, loosen, and remove dead surface skin cells. This helps your skin appear cleaner. It also removes the dead skin trapped inside your follicles, and the removal of other dead skin cells prevents them from becoming trapped in now clean follicles and causing more blackheads to pop up.

They’re everywhere. You can purchase pore strips at your local pharmacy, online, and in your favorite department and beauty stores. What you must understand about pore strips is they do not clean deep down into pores. They do work to help remove the superficial layer of blackheads, but they do not always remove the entire blackhead.

There is a certain satisfaction that accompanies the use of a pore strip. You can see the blackheads and the junk that clogs your pores on the strip when you’ve used it. That visual makes you feel immediately cleaner, and it gives you the feeling of knowing your pores are clogged. Unfortunately, these strips only remove the superficial, or top, layer of a blackhead. You can use them for immediate relief from blackheads, but it’s important you follow up with a deep cleanser such as a mask or a brush treatment to clean out the rest of the pores.

Bonus Tips For Blackhead Removal

Blackhead removal works, but not every blackhead removal remedy will help your skin. You might need to try a few different blackhead removal remedies before you find the one or two that work for your skin type. If you find that the five products best used for blackhead removal don’t work for you, or perhaps you want to try something different, there are a few other things you must know about removing blackheads.

This is a great alternative for blackheads. This works to dissolve them from the top down, and you use it after a gentle exfoliation. Douse a cotton ball in half hydrogen peroxide and half water and rub it on your face where your blackheads and clogged pores are located. The solution sits on your skin overnight and helps dissolve the blackheads. Washing your face in the morning can rid your face of all the stuff that was in your pores the night before.

Do Not Squeeze Blackheads

woman squeezing a blackhead

It’s tempting, but it’s a bad idea. Squeezing blackheads does not make them go away. In fact, it only makes your skin look worse than it did before. Squeezing these unwanted skin imperfections might temporarily get rid of the problem, but it also damages the skin cells. You can open your pores larger and cause your skin to look uneven. I some cases, you might even cause small scars on your face if you squeeze too long or too hard.



Every skin type is different, which is why it might take a few tries to get it right in your life. What works for your blackheads might not work for your best friend, and that’s all right. Like any other beauty product, treatment, or makeup item, your skin type is unique and responds differently. If you feel unhappy with the results of one treatment, use another for blackhead removal. Finding the perfect balance helps you clear your skin and live happier.

Preventative measures are the best once, but you must fight the blackheads you already have, too. Be sure you read the instructions on any product you use carefully to ensure you don’t damage your skin by using it incorrectly. Some of these items are too harsh for everyday use, and you don’t want to further damage your skin. You want to get rid of blackheads.

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