Are you interested in joining our editorial team and becoming a contributor? We are currently accepting expert guest writers that wish to publish informative, well-researched articles for our readers.

Before submitting your article to us, please make sure to check out the following guidelines carefully. Articles that do not meet our editorial requirements will not be accepted for publication.

Why You Should Write for Us

Health Globe is a growing health publication, focused on providing its readers with useful facts important for a well-balanced lifestyle. Here are some of the reasons why you should publish on our website:

  • Exposure
  • The chance to create an online portfolio
  • The chance to share your knowledge with our readers and interact with a like-minded community
  • You will be credited with an author bio and a link to your website and/or social media profile.

Guest Posting Guidelines

1. Originality. Your article should be 100% original and uniquely written for our publication.

2. Topic: We are only interested in evergreen content, that is focused on the health benefits and nutritional value of a specific plant, fruit, or vegetable. The article’s title should be under the format “[Name] Health Benefits & Nutritional Value”. Before contacting us, please make sure to browse through our website to see what topics we’ve approached so far and what hasn’t been covered yet.

3. Wordcount: Your post should be somewhere between 800-1,000 words long

4. Sources: Your article must be well-researched and use appropriate sources when needed. Please note that we do not allow excessive linking, so if your post includes any links that are not credible or relevant enough for the respective topic, we will remove them.

For inspiration, please check out the following articles:

5. Posts must not be used to advertise products. 

6. Formatting: Please make sure to properly format your article before submitting it to us. Make sure to use headings and sub-headings when necessary and break up your paragraphs every 4-5 sentences.

7. Editing: We reserve the right to edit your article before publication. We will specifically look for spelling, grammatical errors, and any statements that cannot be verified.

8. Images: If you decide to incorporate images in your article, please make sure that you are the rightful owner of those pictures or that they are copyright-free. All images should include the original source.

9. Credits: All authors will be credited at the end of the article with a short bio and a link to their website if they wish to include it.

Get in Touch with Us!

Ready to contact us with a topic proposal? Send us an e-mail at contact(at)health-globe(dot)com. If you already have an article drafted, please make sure to submit it in a Word doc and properly formatted.