You are already thinking of one plausible excuse for not doing exercises. Probably the most frequent is related to a continuous lack of time to go to a gym class, too tired or the need for an organized schedule and others. It’s not necessary to go to a gym, especially now when the weather is so warm and perfect for outdoor activities.

If you enjoy working out at home, start by practicing 20 minute of exercises every day, especially in the morning to make sure you’ll have a productive day. If you are such a busy person, you can actually do less than 20 minutes per day; the main purpose is to begin and move your body. A sedentary lifestyle doesn’t have positive effects on our life.

  • Set up the alarm earlier to save precious time and to actually have the time to do a few healthy exercises. As crazy as it may sounds, you should wear your workout clothes to bed and wake up completely ready to get sweat and burn lots of calories. We know many persons have difficulties to wake up earlier, but it will actually be good for your general health.
  • Do exercises during your lunch break. Take advantage of those 60 minutes of lunch break and invest in exercises. Go for a walk in the city or even to a gym, because staying active will have a positive impact on your daily productivity at work. After more than a half hour of physical activity, you’ll feel a lot better and fresher, being able to come up with new and creative ideas.
  • Too much responsibilities and work at the office? You can’t actually have a lunch break? Is your job really sabotaging your health? It means you should work out at work and do various stretching exercises at your desk. A stability ball would be a great instrument to exercise at the office or use your chair for a few easy exercises for your arms or legs, in order to feel better.
  • Meet your friends and play tennis or other outdoors. You can find time for your friends, right? Well, maybe it’s a good opportunity to practice a sport together while having a lot of fun. Whether you decide to play tennis or football or any other group outdoor activity, you’ll feel more energized and in goo shape. Needless to say that you’ll be in an excellent company and don’t realize when time has gone.
  • Move while you wait in line at different inquiry offices. It usually takes more than a half an hour to receive all needed information, so you can do a few stretching exercises. Don’t pay attention to those people who look awkward at you, keep moving for a quick workout. You’ll see that your entire body will be more active.

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