The exotic passion fruit is a great healthy lifestyle choice. Passion fruit plants grow on long vines that are native to South America. The small colorful fruits have a thick rind filled with tangy tasting pulp. Passion fruit health benefits can help those suffering from both physical and mental conditions. The nutritional value of passion fruit is very high. There are many uses of passion fruit, all of which will allow you to enjoy the benefits of this plant.

Passion Fruit Health Benefits

What are the health benefits of passion fruit? There are many reasons to make passion fruit a part of your healthy diet.

Digestion and Cleansing

Passion fruit seeds are packed with fiber, giving your digestive system many benefits.

  • It helps balance the sugar levels in your gut.
  • Passion fruit is good for the bacteria that help you to digest food.
  • Passion fruit seeds help to relieve constipation and prevent hemorrhoids.
  • The digestive health benefits of passion fruit will give your colon an overall cleanse.

Skin Health

There are many passion fruit health benefits you can take advantage of by eating the fruit. However, passion fruit can also be used externally, as a facial mask or hair care product. Here are a few other ways you can use passion fruit for your skin and hair:

  • Passion fruit pulp slows down the aging of the skin by protecting collagen.
  • Passion fruit controls inflammation, which helps with skin irritation and bloat.
  • The seeds contain oils that help to control wrinkles and keep the skin moist.
  • The overall effects of passion fruit on your skin will help you look vibrant and youthful.


Passion fruit can help you to ease your mind, a benefit that comes from natural chemicals that are called harmans.

  • Drinking passion fruit tea is a traditional cure for insomnia.
  • The calming nature of passion fruit makes it good for reducing stress and anxiety.

Weight Loss

One of the best passion fruit health benefits is the fruit’s ability to help you drop extra pounds.

  • Passion fruit is very low in calories and fat.
  • Natural sugars in passion fruit juice provide energy when exercising.
  • Passion fruit sugars help the body to recover after a fat burning work out.
  • Eating passion fruit helps you to feel full and satisfied. After eating passion fruit, you are less likely to eat junk food and other empty calories.

Nutritional Value of Passion Fruit

What is the nutritional value of passion fruit? Here are some important passion fruit nutrition facts, based on the contents of a piece of passion fruit. As you read this, remember that the fruits are very small. You will have to eat many pieces to feel passion fruit health benefits. But given how delicious passion fruit is, that shouldn’t be a problem.passion fruit health benefits

General Nutrition

  • Calories: 18 per fruit, which is less than 1% daily value
  • Sugars: 2 grams, which is also less than 1% of the carbohydrate daily value
  • Dietary Fiber: 2 grams, or 7% daily value
  • Passion fruit has trace amounts of protein and fat


  • Vitamin A: 229 IU, or 5% daily value
  • Vitamin C: 5.4 milligrams, or 9% daily value
  • Niacin: 0.3 milligrams, or 1% daily value
  • Folate: 2.5 micrograms, or 1% daily value


  • Iron: 0.3 milligrams, or 2% daily value
  • Potassium: 62.6 milligrams, or 2% daily value
  • Magnesium: 5.2 mg, or 1% daily value
  • Phosphorus: 12.2 mg, or 1% daily value


The nutritional value of passion fruit has many antioxidant properties. The fruit’s vitamin C, fiber, and other natural substances all help to stop free radicals from damaging skin and tissues. These antioxidants also combat the growth and spread of cancer cells.

Passion Fruit Uses

There are many uses of passion fruit. Each way of using the plant will help you to feel the different health benefits of passion fruit.

Eating Passion Fruit

You can experience most passion fruit health benefits by eating it frequently. The simplest way to eat passion fruit is to cut the fruit in half and eat the pulp and seeds with a spoon. There are many other delicious ways to prepare passion fruit as part of your next meal, including:

  • Using the pulp and seeds as a cake and ice cream sundae topping.
  • Mixing passion fruit with Greek yogurt.
  • Mixing passion fruit with oil and balsamic vinegar to make salad dressing.
  • Using passion fruit pulp to flavor a variety of drinks.

Passion Fruit Tea

The treatment of insomnia and anxiety is a major passion fruit use. The best way to get this health benefit of passion fruit is to brew a tea from the plant’s flowers. Here is how you can easily make this beneficial tea yourself:

  • Buy some dried passion flowers.
  • Boil one cup of water
  • Grind 2 grams of passion flower into a fine powder
  • Add the ground passion flower to the water and keep boiling it for around 15 to 20 minutes
  • Strain the flower material out of the liquid

Passion Fruit Oils

The skin health benefits of passion fruit mostly come from the oils in the seeds and flowers. There are many passion fruit oil extracts on the market. You can use this oil by:

  • Applying it to your skin for moisturizing and relieving itchy rashes.
  • Rubbing it into sore muscles as part of a massage.
  • Inhaling the oil’s aroma to help with anxiety and insomnia.

Passion fruit is worth a try if you are suffering from anxiety, insomnia, poor digestion, constipation, or skin conditions. Its nutritional value is great for staying fit and losing any those stubborn extra pounds. To get the full health benefits of passion fruit, you can choose between its tasty pulp and seeds, calming flower tea, and soothing oil extracts. If you have experienced passion fruit health benefits or simply want to know more, please share.

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