Meta: Does Seltzer water contain health benefits? You may be surprised by the answer. We’ll take a look at some of the benefits seltzer water can bring to you.

Whether you love it or you hate it, carbonated water has become a favorite way for others to enjoy a carbonated drink that doesn’t have artificial flavorings or sugar. Many people are also opting to drink seltzer water to help their diets or even just because they like the taste.

While it’s not a drink for everyone and there have been heavy criticisms against drinking it, there are surprising health benefits associated with regular consumption of seltzer water. In this article, we’ll explore why you should be drinking seltzer water and how doing such can reveal some astonishing health benefits.

Understanding Carbonated Water


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Firstly it’s best to understand that just because the water has carbonation, that doesn’t exactly qualify that water as seltzer water.  So what differentiates seltzer water from soda water or tonic waters?

It all starts in how they’re made and inadvertently gives you a good idea why seltzer water stands out as the healthiest option. Club soda is made with an infusion of different mineral salts to enhance its taste and increase the number of bubbles that form. Some of the minerals you can expect to find in club soda include the following:

  • Potassium sulfate
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Sodium Chloride
  • And Disodium Phosphate

Sparkling water is different from its carbonated siblings by being bottled from a spring with naturally occurring carbonation. The variety and quantity of minerals present in the water are all dependants on the spring that your water comes from. As a result, not every brand of sparkling H2O contains the same amount of minerals as the other; however, they are all a good choice.

Tonic water is probably the worst as far as healthy options are concerned. It’s sweetened with high fructose corn syrup or sugar to improve on taste. The bitter aftertaste is thanks to the quinine that comes added to the water which is an isolated compound found in the bark of cinchona trees.

Seltzer Water Is Healthier To Drink

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Aside from containing no added minerals, no sugar, and no preservatives, seltzer water is essentially the closest thing to standard drinking water than you can get carbonated. Many people enjoy that citrus flavors tend to stand out in this form of carbonated water, which increases the appeal of drinking it.

Studies have shown that people who frequently have access to seltzer water are better hydrated and average a higher weight loss percentage than those who drink sugary drinks like juices and sodas. Even kids who had access to this drink were far more likely to be better hydrated and average a healthier weight for their ages.

Seltzer Water Helps With Indigestion



Aside from medication, there aren’t a lot of drinks available on the market that claim that they can help with indigestion, but seltzer water and other carbonated waters can help with that. These examples provide insight as to how drinking seltzer water can help with functions concerning digestion and swallowing.

If you find that you’re suffering from any of these ailments, switching to seltzer water may be the remedy needed to help relieve your symptoms. As always, you will want to speak with your primary physician before changing your diet for health-related problems.

Seltzer Water May Help With Swallowing



Several different studies have indicated that drinking carbonated drinks have shown to help the children and especially the elderly with swallowing. They calculated this by measuring the length of time that it took each participant to consume carbonated water as opposed to standard water, finding that sports drinks and carbonated beverages took less time than other liquids.

A study had 16 participants drink several different kinds of liquids in sequence to measure their swallowing capabilities after each drink. What they found was that each participant agreed that it was easier to swallow carbonated substances than it was to drink liquids that weren’t.

Another study published also showed that 63 percent of individuals who were struggling to clear their throats were able to find relief by drinking colder carbonated beverages.

Seltzer Water Makes You Feel Fuller For Longer

 Fuller For Longer


Many health experts agree that drinking water before and during a meal will reduce your appetite and as a result, you’ll feel fuller without eating as much food. The same is true with seltzer water, but studies have shown that drinking seltzer water during and before a meal will take those benefits further.

Seltzer water and other carbonated drinks have been shown to increase the fullness felt during and after a meal due to the bubbles in the drink distending the stomach walls more than usually experienced by drinking noncarbonated beverages. While the seltzer water didn’t negatively impact the length of time to digest the meal, it did help people feel fuller for much longer.

Seltzer Water Helps With Constipation And Gallbladder Health


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There has been new evidence that people who suffer from chronic stomach and digestive issues and gallbladder problems may benefit from drinking seltzer water regularly. A study had 21 participants that suffered from chronic constipation and stomach issues drink carbonated water for 15 days to study the effects on their condition.

In the end, this study found that carbonated water dramatically helped the gallbladder empty more regularly while constipation and stomach pain symptoms significantly improved by drinking the carbonated water.

Cure Motion Sickness With Seltzer Water

Another digestion problem that people frequently deal with is motion sickness. Easing stomach upset and motion sickness has many home remedies, including the use of ginger ale thanks to the carbonation and ginger agents. Surprisingly, seltzer water has been known to aid in reducing the symptoms of motion sickness thanks to the carbonation found in the drink.

Seltzer water isn’t the only carbonated beverage that you can utilize to reduce your symptoms, however, because the drink doesn’t contain additives beyond its carbonation, seltzer water is a gentler approach for your stomach, and you’re more likely to keep seltzer water down versus a highly caffeinated, sugary drink.

Not to mention, if your stomach does feel the need to empty itself, your body won’t suffer from the added acids from your soda choice as well as the stomach acid that comes back up if you choose seltzer water over soda.

Seltzer Water Doesn’t Harm Your Teeth



There are many articles out there that want to demonize carbonated water as a drink that will ruin your teeth. However, these claims aren’t remotely close to the truth. Drinking just seltzer water on its own doesn’t negatively impact your teeth, even with the natural acids found in the carbonation process.

Many studies have looked in on this claim, but there isn’t enough scientific evidence to support that your tooth enamel is at any risk. More studies found that drinking carbonated beverages with sugar in it is much worse for your teeth than seltzer water, as soda and other sugary products tend to be the leading cause of tooth decay in the United States.

Though if you take your dental health very seriously, but you want to enjoy a seltzer water every so often, that’s fine. It’s as simple as rinsing your mouth out with tap water after you’ve experienced a serving of seltzer water and you won’t have anything to worry about. Rinsing your mouth out after a carbonated beverage flushes out any residual acids that came from your drink.

In Conclusion

While we aren’t saying that seltzer water should be your go-to drink every waking moment of the day, choosing seltzer water over other harmful carbonated drinks will significantly improve your health. Better yet, you won’t be forced to sacrifice the joy of drinking a carbonated beverage.

Seltzer water is just one of four different types of carbonated waters, and with all the scientific data we’ve compiled, it may be one of the healthiest to enjoy. In the end, whether you enjoy carbonated water or not, it might be time to try and incorporate it more into your diet. You may be surprised by the results.

If you drink soda, you’re adding extra calories and sugar into your diet that you don’t need. They have no nutritional value and just add wasted calories into your system. However, despite seltzer water containing carbonation, it isn’t high in calories, nor does it contain a high concentration of sugar. It’s a much healthier alternative and may even benefit you in other ways.

About Seltzer Water: What It Is

Seltzer water is a form of carbonated water.The drink originates as mineral water naturally occurring on earth. Then,during the manufacturing process, they add carbonation. Usually, however, theydon’t enhance it with any additional minerals.

How they make seltzer water is a simple process. It consists of water and carbon gas. They first purify and bottle the natural mineral water, and then they add carbon gas using a pressurized hose. Finally, they seal the bottle quickly in order to trap the bubbles.

Satisfied Your Craving For Carbonation

If you feel the urge to have a soda just for the bubbles on your tongue, carbonated water is your solution.

You get the fizz without all the downfalls of soda.

Seltzer Water Doesn’t Have Any Calories Or Sugar

Just like plain water, carbonated water doesn’t have any calories. Therefore, you won’t go over your daily recommended caloric intake when you consume this drink, even if you have more than one per day.

Sugar isn’t healthy for your weight, nor does it do anything else positive for your body. For instance, when you consume high amounts of sugar, it puts you at a greater risk for diabetes. When you consume high amounts of sugar, you might increase your weight, which could lead to other health problems.

Seltzer Water Can Increase Your Water Intake

You need so many glasses of water per day for your body to function properly. Although other types of drinks do contribute to your fluid intake, these aren’t enough. You should consume several glasses of pure water each day. 

The exact amount is a bit under debate. While the original recommendation was eight glasses per day, not everybody needs this amount of water. Some need more, and others can get by with drinking less. Keep in mind, if you’re drinking high quantities of caffeine, it dehydrates you; therefore, you need additional water.

If you’re a person who doesn’t enjoy water because it’s boring, opting for carbonated water may help increase how much youdrink per day, especially if you add a slice of lemon or lime to it. Adding other fresh fruits or herbs could enhance the flavor as well

Seltzer Water Can Help Indigestion

Sometimes, it helps to hydrate when you’re not feeling well, but pure water doesn’t help as much as carbonated water. The carbonation may possibly settle your stomach. It’s possible for it to induce burping, which in return, reduces the amount of pressure you have in your gut. It might even aid those who have acid reflux disease in decreasing their symptoms.

Seltzer Water Can Help With Constipation

Regular water without the fizz can reduce constipation since it assists your body in passing bowel more comfortably.

However, it isn’t always enough. People reported the bubbly water aided inpassing bowel movements by making it easier to go.

Additionally, the fizzy water may reduce pressure and inflammation in your gut, reducing your symptoms of constipation.

Seltzer Water May Help With Weight Loss

The calories you ingest aren’t just in the foods you eat. You may be guzzling hundreds of calories each day if you’re drinking soda and other similar drinks. However, you may decrease how many calories you take in by cutting back on sugary drinks including soda. Try replacing a majority of the unhealthy beverages you have each day with seltzer water and see the difference it makes in your weight.

Seltzer Water Is Safer Than Tap

Maybe you read the report they sent youregarding the chemicals in your tap water. It has a high concentration of chlorine and other ingredients to “purify” the water. You may also ingest hormones and pesticides in addition to toxic metal salts. Your water could contain microbes like bacteria or protozoa while it’s possible for lead toenter into your water supply also. You’re avoiding all of these possible health hazards by getting purified water from the store, even if it does make a slight crackling sound when you open it.

Seltzer Water Has Minerals Like Magnesium And Calcium

When you drink standard tap water, you don’t receive the benefit of magnesium and calcium. These two minerals play vital roles inside of the body. For instance, you need calcium for the health of your bones and teeth. Your heart, nerves, and muscles require itto function.

Magnesium, on the other hand, helps maintain your nerves. You need it for your heart to beat normally. It’s also essential for cellular metabolism.

Seltzer Water May Reduce Your Blood Sugar

Although researchers are still analyzing whether carbonated water has a positive effect on your blood glucose levels, a study linked the bicarbonate in the sparkling mineral water with an improved pH in your blood. This means that your blood won’t become too acidic. The bicarbonate in the fizzling mineral water improves your blood sugar as well suggests researchers.

Seltzer Water May Reduce Your Blood Sugar

Although researchers are still analyzing whether carbonated water has a positive effect on your blood glucose levels, a study linked the bicarbonate in the sparkling mineral water with an improved pH in your blood. This means that your blood won’t become too acidic. The bicarbonate in the fizzling mineral water improves your blood sugar as well suggests researchers.

Seltzer Water And Bone And Dental Health

Previously, some advised against seltzer water stating it may contribute poorly to your oral health as well as your bones. However, researchers now know this isn’t true. You must, however, make sure you limit the intake of it since it is acidic. In addition, you want to avoid flavored sparkling water because they do add sugar to it, which could harm your dental health.

Making Your Own Seltzer Water

You may think you need to go out and purchase cases of bubbly water in order to keep it on stock. However, you can make seltzer water in your own home by purchasing a soda machine or another similar product that adds carbonation to your drinks.

Keep in mind, this may not save you money, but it’s more convenient if you don’t want the hassle of having to go buy carbonated water all of the time.

Reducing Your Child’s Intake OfSoda

Maybe you allow your child to drink as much soda and other unhealthy beverages as they like, or you might limit the amount to one a day or even just for special occasions. You can reduce your child’s intake of high-calorie, high-sugar beverages by offering them carbonated water instead.

You may want to add some fruit for flavor to make it more exciting. They won’t feel like they’re missing out on carbonated drinks that their friends have, and you’re giving them a much more health-friendlyoption.

Make sure you read the label on the carbonated water though, so you know you’re not giving them something with sugar, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners in it.

You should limit how much seltzer water you give your child since it could harm their nutrient intake if it’s filling them up. They might not eat as much food or drink as much water and milk, which means they could experience a nutrient deficient if you don’t limit it to maybeone cup per day at the most. 

Comparing Different Types OfSeltzer Water

Not all sparkling water is the same, so make sure you read the product labels carefully when your first start purchasing it.

Different types have different minerals and sometimes additives.

You also want to steer clear of tonic water and club soda. Tonic water contains sugar and other additivities while soda water consists of sodium and other preservatives. These aren’t really healthy options when you’re trying to avoid all of the harmful ingredients of soda by switching to sparkling water.

Limiting How Much Seltzer WaterYou Drink

Just because sparkling water does hydrate you, it doesn’t mean it’s an alternative for drinking plain water. You still need to drink more uncarbonated water than you do carbonated water in order to stayhealthy.

You drink less water when you’re drinking a carbonated beverage since the bubbles makes you feel fuller much quicker. It’s important to limit your carbonated water to one or two per day and drinkregular water a majority of the day.

When you drink sparkling water, you could experience an increase in gas. You may notice, especially if you consume it on a regular basis, you burp more frequently than usual. You might have a bloated feeling when you drink it because of how much it feels you up.

Any kind of carbonation can impact conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) negatively, so you may need to limit or avoid seltzer water completely if you have any type of condition affecting yourstomach and intestines.

If you’re trying to curb your desire for soda or just want a change, seltzer may be a solution for you. While it does have health benefits, it’s best in moderation.

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